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How does a Hot Flash Feel?


What is a hot flash to you? I mean how does that feel? I have been

waking up at night with my hair wet like I took a shower. Just above the

shoulders is really affected. I have to change pillows/ pillow cases because

of my sweating. Does that sound like hot flashes? I never have daytime symptoms.

I do have this going on every single night. Is this fibro symptom as well?

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sounds like it. you can have a test to see if your menopausal.

Hi Jaynielynne

I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering with hot flushes in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices website relating to hot flushes, so I hope that you find it useful:

I have also read other members posts whereby they have complained of similar issues and wondered if it could be Fibro? So I have also pasted you the FibroAction web page on Fibro symptoms:

As I am not a doctor I cannot say if what you are experiencing is Menopausal or Fibro? However, if your symptoms persist or get any worse, it would be advisable to discuss the situation with your GP.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi Jayne, I have these hot sweats to the head also. I have also woken in the night with head sweating, but when my Gp carried out a the hormone check (I'm 44) she said my levels were fine. So I call it 'hot head syndrome' now. I have had them in the day, in the most inconvenient times!! Staff conference and my head just got hotter & hotter as the day went on, meetings. It starts with the base of my neck and creeps up with my head just pouring. The weirdest time is when I'm flippin trying to dry my hair after a shower. The only consolation I have is that I have a fellow colleague who suffers also and we try and laugh about it. I dread the summer as this is when it's at its worst. I've had Fibro since 2009, and it's crept up with all the other problems like restless and painful legs etc as well as severe pain to my neck, arms, shoulder blades and chest. Life's rubbish at times (been off sick for 2wks inconstant pain) but when it eases off again, I can get myself back in my housing officer job working 3.5 hrs a day. It's all I can manage, but keeps me from going insane with pain.

Sorry there's no treatment or remedy for the head flushes, but hope you manage to cope with them soon xxx

You have just described how I feel day and night with fibromyalgia. I am exhausted changing bedding daily and really embarrassed when it happens outdoors. I have had fm for about eighteen months. Do you take anything for the flushes?

Hi, I get the hot sweats both day and night I have asked the doctor about it but she said there is nothing she can do, so I have to carry on looking like I have just walk out of the shower and keep on wipeing my face with tissues.


Just a thought is there any medication that you take just before going to bed and only at that time of day which possibly could be causing the night sweat? Have you tried one of those Chillo pillows that alot of cancer patients use as they often have this hot head syndrome caused by the chemo?


You don't give your age,but could be starting the menopause which cause hot flushes.I was given vitamin b6 years ago.Try having cotton bedding and cotton nightwear as synthetic materials make you feel mor uncomfortable by not absorbing moisture.Good Luck.

I get them some nights, but not every night and never that bad. It could be menopause? Or the fibro. I'd see your doctor as it maybe a hormonal imbalance. Hope this helps sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

I have just recently started having night sweats. I'm post menopausal - I had a full hysterectomy back in 1998. I thought it could be my duvet being too heavy so I changed it to a smaller tog, but it hasn't worked. I also have a fan on all night and that doesn't work either. I don't take any night time meds and I haven't recently begun any new medication, so I'm really stumped as well!! XX

hot flushes it feels like your suddenly in a sauna you feel like your blushing all over and in an oven then it goes but night time sweats are part of that unfortunatly just to make you feel better you dont look like your blushing to everyone else you just feel like you are

depending on your system and talking to gfs they come on fairly slow lead up to the point sometimes several years or months down the line where you feel like its happening every five min and start to tail off

its different for me took five years to get to the tail off point for me

others just months or a year or so

me too! im 42 and was tested for menopause at 41 as having hot flushes at anytime, mostly at work so I look and feel a complete fool! :( its like a tap has been turned on as the sweat can run off my face in streams.

my doctor says it might be lupus or fibro and said nothing can be done? I find its worse in summer months does anyone else please? x

Hey Janynielynne, I get hot flushes with the fibro too, I'm only 23 so hoping it's that anyway and not menopausal! I do also have a contraceptive implant in which can cause that too. It's so frustrating though huh?! I get them through the day but it's worse at night, I get to 9pm and all of a sudden I'm a human radiator and my face is on fire!

I hope you manage to get some relief from them, I haven't figured anything out so far aside from sleeping with the window open...

Jess x

Seems like this affects everyone differently. I have seen doctors, rheumatologists, endocrinologist, dermatologist and am seeing another medical consultant next month at a different hospital. None of whom think they can do anything. There is a drug called Probanthine which I have read about online, but since I am on so many other meds, for heart/lung disease, depression and pain, they are reluctant to prescribe it.

Mine is terrible to live with, I feel drained, it happens a dozen times a day, EMBARASSING, I dread going shopping and people seem to want to talk about it when it's at its worst. I've been asked if I am ok, because I just go bright red, and feel as if I'm going to pass out sometimes!

It is drastically debilitating, and it bothers me so much, I have recently been shopping to find a wedding outfit for my daughters wedding next month, but couldn't try anything on due to pouring with sweat. I have also asked my daughter not to put me on the top table, but put me with close family and friends who know me, so it will be less embarrassing for me (and everyone else too I'd imagine)

Hi Janielynne, your posting is interesting to me. About six years ago had chemo which pushed me into menopause. All this time later am still having the hot flashes, am not allowed HRT.

it's slightly difficult to explain what it feels like for me but here goes-

It feels like being a pressure cooker, a wave of what feels like a serious blush spreads from my stomach area or chest and spreads up til it reaches my head, and the more stressed I get about it the fiercer it gets.

The interesting part I felt is that, for the past 5 or six weeks I've had the longest ever flare up of Fibro, and in the past 2 weeks of that time have started having bad hot flashes.

Up until then, I had been controlling these with Soya Isoflavens and Sage which was working very well.

I've found that being stressed or anxious brings on the flashes.

Up until now I hadn't thought about it being a Fibro thing.


Personally, I think Fibro is the culprit of my Hot flashes" Been there and done that" as far as mentapause! My feet will get so hot when I go to bed that I use a cool pad for my feet and one under pillow for my hands! head per spires! I have read this is one of Fibro ' gifts!

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