Morning All,

I wrote on here a while ago as I was having issues with my doctors and medications etc.

I have finally changed doctors, and I'm now being trialled on different meds.

I've been put on 100mg slow release tramadol in the morning and 100mg at night but this doesn't seem to help much.

I'm going to my doctors in an hour to have a chat about my meds again and was thinking of asking about duloxetine (Cymbalta) as I suffer with severe depression too, but I know it's not actually licensed in the UK yet. Has anyone had any experience with this?

I don't want to try lyrica or gabapentin because of the side effects and weight gain.

Any suggestions?



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  • I was prescribed Cymbalta, only a short course along with CBT which was helpful, remember we are all different in how we react to meds I believe the CBT was more beneficial. All the best, hope you get the help you need. Lou xx

  • What is cat?

  • Sorry what is Cbd

  • Hi Jacks6263 - original post was from a year ago so, just in case nobody else gets back to you, CBT is 'cognitive behaviour therapy' - a talking therapy looking at different ways to address your pain/manage problems. Hope this helps xx

  • I was taking Gabapentin for 8 months and didn't gain any weight. I do hope you find something that will ease your pain :) x

  • I take it and it does help some with the diabetic neuropathy. I also live in states so...

  • Yes I have Ben on this a year , it helps with the neurological pain brilliantly , it has also helped with my bladder issue they tell me , I have been tested recently on the latter ,

    I was dropped down to 60 mg which is normal dose, but have been put back up to 90 mg as I get quite overwhelmed some of the time ,and can get quite tearful, also headaches on lower dose , I found pins and needle pain and tingling well under control with it ,it doesn't take away joint pain but I can take a shower without becoming faint and no knife like pain from the water spray hitting my skin at 90 mg , good luck , glad you change gps hope everything is going well

    Chris C

  • Verdict is in.

    The doctor has put me on Duloxetine as a trial and wants me to go back in 3 weeks. I have to come off of the amitriptyline immediately and the mirtazipine I will be coming off slowly over the next 7 days.

    He was awesome and really listened to what I was saying. But he was also honest with me and warned me that it will get worse before it gets better.

    I'll keep you all informed of the effects!

    Hope you are all coping well today.

    May this nightmare of fibromyalgia come to an end!


  • P.S,

    He also said that fibro isn't a life sentence. It can just disappear one day. Whether that is true or not...I don't know. But it gave me a bit of hope.


  • Hi

    That's funny because one of the doctors I saw told me fibromyalgia can burn itself out.

    When I mentioned it to my doctor she just looked at me and smiled.

    So I was nun the wiser.

    Trace x

  • I am on gabapentin and find it really good for what I think is neuropathic pain. without it I'm useless. But I have put on weight with it. I also take naproxen for joint pain due to arthritis (the doc says). My doc just said that fibro might go away one day, but to be prepared to have it forever. I'm 47 and the idea that I might have this pain and fatigue for the rest of my life fills me with horror.

  • How long have you had it, achydunlin?

    I hope you're having a good day for us.

  • Milo4,

    They can't seem to make up their minds. The doctor I saw earlier today said that I probably know more about it than him as it is a medical mystery at present.

    It's only from recent research that they believe it to disappear. But then there are sufferers (like myself) where most medications don't work.

    But that could all change next week!


  • Thank you for your very interesting post and updates. I am genuinely delighted to read that you got some different medications to try. I have not tried the medications in question myself as I am on Pregabalin and Nortriptyline. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your new medications and I look forward to reading how you are getting on with them.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • How lovely would that be, to wake up one morning and it would all be gone. We can all live in hope.

    Unfortunately mine just seems progressive 😕

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