What the sweat?

Searching for someone who had the same sweating symptoms I had and I was directed to this site. Finally someone like me. I started suffering a couple of years ago from severe sweating from my head. It feels like tiny holes in my head open up and start to drip profusely as if someone just turned on a faucet, and this continues on for an hour. I can stop what I'm doing and sit in front of a fan but it gives me little if any relief. These are not hot flashes even though I was put on hormones a year ago which helped for the hot flashes I was having along with these torrents. The craziest things set them off, basic house hold chores, curling my hair, putting on make-up, and grocery shopping just as I'm getting to the check-out. I hate carrying around the small white towel but with out it I'm a mess. I'm also an eye glass wearer and they get fogged up each time. Is there any help out there?

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  • Hi Lunasea I'm a sweater too,it's awful ,I told my doctor and she said it was the start of the menopause but I told her it couldn't be as I've had probs with it for years. I've just put up with it as I've had other health problems and thot it is probably hormonal.My head,back of neck can be pourin and the rest of me hands feet are freezing! I carry around packs of tissues wherever I go. It's a pure pain,makeup and hair wise esp when you've had your hair done and it's sitting nice! I takes ages to do anything anyway due to osteoarthritis and Fibro and esp when I'm goin anywhere as I don't want to start sweating and ruin my appearance. I've just adjusted everything i do over the years to try and make things easier for myself like keepin the house cooler,havin a fan,wearin cotton,keepin hair up n off my face etc I wear glasses aswell as contacts but glasses the majority of the time and I'm constantly havin to defog the them. Don't know if this could be related to the Fibro,would interesting to hear if anyone else has this problem! (As if we've not got enough to contend with lol!) Sorry if I've rambled on a bit! Best wishes Jackiex

  • Hi there just wondering if it is stress related? wishing you some replys. cheers

  • Morning lunasea and Jackie, it's defo the fibro, I'm 72 and still getting them, as you say to do things slowly before you go out is best otherwise you sweat and everything feels damp, I hate it when I'm out and this happens as I become soaked then it turns cold and it seems ages before it fries on you, the weather is cold enough without having this happen, I was told to wear cotton next to my skin whenever possible, it does help to a degree, I think it's because cotton soaks up the swat where as most other materials won't absorb uch....do you find when you have these hot and sweats that you feel really ill with them, I do, I've had this fibro and many other conditions since I was eleven years old, had hysterectomy when I was 35 or 36 yrs old but still get the damn sweats, there horrible, and I think at my age it isn't the menopause don't you. Lol, I have a fan on 24/7, when I'm sitting down or laying in bed it has to be on my face.....gentle hugs....Dee x

  • Hi, I do feel for you, I got the same, but mine was an underactive thyroid, (hypothyroidism), now that is more under control I don't have them anymore, I also have fibro, as many thyroid patients do, perhaps you could ask your GP ref a thyroid test?

    best wishes,

  • I was having exactly the same. Mykept telling me they were menopausal but I was adamant they weren't. Eventually she prescribed me clonadIne tablets, 2 twice a day, after about a week, the sweats went. After 8 moths now I just get one sweat and day but I think that's cos the affecof the tablet wears off before the next lot gets into my system. Hope this helps good luck . Shirl

  • Hi Dee,Susie,Shirldeanne,Denvajade thank u for all ur replies! I think it must be the Fibro,I've had my thyroid checked and it came back fine,tho I do need to go back to docs and get another one done again. It really is such a help bein able to come on here and know uve got someone that relates to your ailments! Lunasea I hope your ok,best wishes to u all n thanx again! Jackiex

  • Great to hear that you are finding the community beneficial :)

  • Hi Mdaisy thank u,this site is the best thing ever for me,it's answered a lot of ?s I had. I wouldn't be none the wiser if this brilliant group of people like yourself existed. I was floundering around experiencing all these mad symptoms that you just wouldn't put together until I discovered this forum and it's been a fantastic help! Best Wishes Jackiex

  • Hi Lunasea

    I am sincerely sorry to hear that you are suffering in this way at the present time and I hope that you can find some resolution to your issue. I am so happy that you are finding the forum useful in the same way that I do.

    I must admit that I have never suffered anything like this, but I was watching the More 4 TV series 'Embarrassing Bodies Down Under' the other week and there was a poor young girl (only in her early 20's) who had this problem and it was genuinely horrendous as the sweat just fell from her. They doctors sent her to a clinic to undergo a series of botox injections to shut the sweating off. It worked remarkably well. I am not sure if this sort of thing is available on the NHS? As it is not completely cosmetic? But it is always worth discussing with your GP.

    Good luck with finding an answer to your problem.

    All my hopes and dreams for you.

    Ken x

  • Hi just wake up with pillow soakedand top half body really hot. Rest of body cold I just go sit in loo with window open for half hour then change pillow and normally straight back to sleep

  • Yes I soak the pillow too and have to turn it over as all the top of my body gets hot and sweaty most especially the back of my neck. I find it mainly occurs if I have a glass of wine of an evening, it seems to aggravate the problem for sure. So i try not to have alcolhol to close to bedtime, which can be quite difficult if you go out to dinner with friends.

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