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Try always be positive and hopefull😀

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Well hoping all is well with everyone!

Taking cymbalta amatriplitine and tylex for many years and have being doing better with these meds. all do still struggling with Fatigue .

Would so much love to work again even though I'm 60 and already worked for 35 years before my illness

made it impossible.

I also care for my 26 yr. old Daughter who has West Symdrome {profoundly disabled } with my wife.

But I remain positive and realise that lots of people are so worse off than me.

My attitude is upwards and onwards that good things con happen too👍

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I love your attitude seastreak and I think it makes all the difference if you can keep a positive mindset. Good on you for not dwelling on the negatives despite your struggles. I'm glad the meds have improved things for you and I completely empathise with your desire to get back into work. I'm currently looking into doing this myself but if it is not possible for you have you thought of volunteering? Whilst I have been out of work I've looked into doing this myself and am currently considering doing a few hours in my local children's hospital. However there are so many opportunities in libraries, museums, hospitals, charity shops etc and you only commit to what you are able to do so don't know if this would be something you would be interested in? It's not the same as having a job but it can be very rewarding and give you a sense of purpose. Anyway keep those positive vibes flowing lovely and take care. x

Just with a caveat that it's easier to be positive when you can tolerate meds 😉

Apart from that, good for you and your problems.

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seastreak in reply to spider555

Totally agree I've been there! I just think when you wake in the morning you have 2 choices try your best to be happy or be sad!

I always try obviously to be happy.

I struggled with meds for 20 years and hope I finally

found a mix that helps so put it out there in case it might help someone.

I still struggle but I try to have a life.

Best wishes👍

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spider555 in reply to seastreak

I know what you mean ☺

I'll be ok if I can get mediocre 😀

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seastreak in reply to spider555

Very best wishes👍

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spider555 in reply to seastreak

You too 😎

My acupuncturist was amazed yesterday that I was laughing at our latest mishaps and I said I had two choices laugh or cry and if at all possible choose the former. Hand on heart some days it is easier said than others but I just try to take one day at a time and think to myself "if I can get through today" tomorrow could be better. I do think it is easier if you have someone else to share the hospital and downs with. Thank you for your positive post.x

Thank you for your reply.

Wish you good health and happiness.👍

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