Always seem to get ill, when I really want to be as well as I can!

Well, here we go again..........all packed and ready to go to Spain. At the airport waiting to board, and all of a sudden I came over feeling really un well. To cut a long story short, I could not stop being sick, so my husband and I had to return home. We had the doctor out the next day as I had still been vomiting and violently reaching! This carried on the next day and I ended up in A&E and then staying in hospital:-(

Although everyone was brilliant, at the hospitalstill would rather have been in the heat of Spain!

I seem to catch everything around, my immunity is shot!! Does anyone else have a rubbish immune system?

Hope you are all having a better day. Gentle Hugs. X

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  • Awwwwwwwe sorry to hear your not well and that it stopped you going to Spain hope you get lots and lots of rest sending you lots of gentle hugs. Ros

  • Thank you Vixen49,

    Yep, been well looked after, thank you.

    Home now and the weather in the midlands is lovely! So still being able to enjoy the sunshine.

    Take care and hope you are feeling ok. X

  • Oh no Lizzyear, I am so sorry to hear that, you must feel really cheesed off! I sincerely hope that you start to feel well again really soon, please take care.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken,

    Thank you for your reply. I'm feeling more disappointed for hubby, than for me, as he looks after me so well, and the hospital was so traumatic for us both! But at least I was ill in England, rather than abroad.............I know many people knock the N.H.S. But golly when the chips are down, how lucky are we that we have it?! I cannot fault the treatment I have had, it has be thorough, caring and professional..........just feel blessed to be alive!! Have had two scares this year already and hubby has said NO more.......I'll try! :-))

    Hope you are your wife ar feel as good as you can, does the hot weather help or definitely helps me, ( as long as I have a fan near by when needed).

    Take care,


  • Hi again Lizzyear

    I am afraid the hot weather really drains me and affects my asthma and COPD. I am on steroids at the moment because I am having some problems breathing. My wife has been quite ill for the last couple of weeks, but she is slowly getting back on track!

    I agree totally with you about the NHS, we might moan but it is always there for us. I hope that you start to recover soon and that your hubby is well also.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Oh lizzy I really feel for you. It is awful to end up in hospital when you should be on holiday.

    It happend to me, true I was only going camping, but to end up in hospital instead left me very depressed and angry, boy was I angry, I was furious.

    Funnily enough it was the same illness that I was talking to jigsawcat about earlier.

    No I dont seem to have a rubbish immune system, just the opposite but i always seem to get things at the worst possible times.

    Sending you all my best wishes and lots of soothing hugs sue xx

  • Hi Sue,

    Thank you for your reply and hope you managed to have your camping hols a bit later?!

    Glad your immune is robust:-)

    I'm pleased to be home, but can't believe how exhausted I feel, bit like I've been run over by a truck. But it's quite scary, when they are all rushing around, and one minute your at the airport, then your home, then A&E. Takes a bit of processing with my foggy head :-)

    Trust you are feeling as well as you can.

    Take care,


  • Thank goodness you weren't on the plane when it all started, but what rotten, rotten luck. I do so hope you are starting to recover and will feel better soon. It's so unfair when you get ill when you are supposed to be on holiday. Take care xxx

  • Hi Panda60,

    I know, I kept thinking, thank goodness not an hour later. Would have been awful on the plane, then in a foreign country.

    So although could have been soooo much worse.

    At home now, which is lovely and the weather is tring to duplicate Spain's I think as the car thermometer showed 30C WOW!!

    Hope your day ok and thank you for your reply.

    Take care,


  • Yes I can equate with that. If I had not had to run an errand when the shops opened I would have been some where on the M5 or in cornwall. Not as bad as on a plane or abroad but still a chilling thought. Oh I have just thought of something that never occurred to me before. I was transferred to another hospital just a few miles away, less than half hour drive and I spent the whole time feeling so sick and dizzy I wanted to pass out or die at that point I didnt care, I just wanted it to stop.

    The thought I had was that was only an 1/2 hr Trip how the heck would I have coped with a 4hr trip from cornwall. wow nightmare. :(

    Bed time I think nite nite see ya tomorra hugs sue xx

  • Hi Lizzy

    I am so sorry to hear your holiday was ruined. I can totally relate to your low immune system as I always pick up EVERYTHING too! Total nightmare for you and I really hope you manage to get an illness free holiday soon.

    I'm due to go on my dream holiday on 5th August - a cruise. I haven't had a holiday for 11 years and I am seriously hoping I don't pick something up. (Fingers crossed & toes). So I definitely know how you feel.

    I hope you're feeling better now & enjoying our heatwave :-)

    Jayne x

  • likewise. and I suppose you cant insure against cancellations because of your condition.

    If its any comfort my cancer friend said the times they managed to get away made up for the losses.

    Heat crucifies me so I'm not enjoying this and sadly would not enjoy Spain. :)

  • Go get Quest mega 8 biotics. It is a good bacteria, builds immune system. Also take 1000mg vit c a day. I travel alot was always ill. Only fly from luton to Amsterdam 1hr, enough to make me ill for a month after flying.

    I get sick like you just like that not to do with food. Take care rest up!

  • Yes, thinking back over time I always caught everything, even got the chicken pox at age 30 when my daughter got them. I guess with the Fibro our immune system isn't what it once was. Hope you start feeling better sweetheart!!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Lizzy, Oh, that's a heartbreaker....and I feel your pain!!!! My daughter had chronic sinusitis as a child and always got sick until we found out that the surgery she had to correct it actually gave her MRSA. She always got sick just as we were about to go or as we arrived anywhere. We never actually planned anything nearly as fabulous as Spain, so I am very sad for you and your hubby. Now she is 22, eats lots of Greek Yogurt with active cultures, takes lots of probiotics, and has taken the Pneumovax pneumonia vaccine, and then had her response to the shot checked via lab test...Immunologist showed that she produced antibodies to 18 of the 23 strains of pneumoccocal strains. If you feel that you are always getting respiratory illnesses, you might want to discuss getting that vaccine with your doc in addition to annual flu shot. Also, if you have not had a proper work up with an immunologist, maybe you should ask. I am not as familiar with that as it refers to gastro symptoms, but I know it can play havoc with respiratory. I hope you feel better soon and you can reschedule your trip. Sunny Spain should do your fibro body good. XOOOX.Barb

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