Why am I always tired and unwell when I need to be active?

1st time I've used this so be patient with me and brain fog is very active today. My son and newly pregnant daughter-in-law ( yes a grandma again yeah!) are coming tomorrow for weekend. So lots to do. However my body has decided that now it wants to exhausted and pain overdose. What should I do? I never know whether I should rest when I'm like this or try to work through it. My legs don't want work and it's lunchtime and I'm too tired to eat. Why does this always happen? Something good happening and I feel rubbish I don't want to miserable when my family are here

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  • hi the best thing to do right now is to rest, it may be that in a couple of hrs you will feel rested enough, try to grab some sleep but if you cant just to lay on the bed and relax even perhaps listen to tje radio. I love bbc4or 2 they have plays on and they fade into the distance as i drop off to sleep as they make me relax that much

    hugs poppy xx

  • Thanks poppy I'm just doing that now but whilst I'm doing this I keep thinking of the jobs I need to do and feel guilty about laying here I know it doesn't really matter if things aren't perfect but I like my home to look nice when people come.Fibro is more than the physical pain. It's the pain of frustration when you want to do things and your body is deciding different

  • i know how you feel i used to be very ocd about my home ... i'd drive my family nuts but FM ( and my other conditions) have forced me to take it easy. i have trained my hubby to put away/clean up as he go's although he still likes to pile his 'work clothes, fj's in a pile by the bed!! dont think he will ever change lol

    the more we stress the more we hurt and i know my fog gets worse

    i.m also pretty sure your son and daughter in law aren't coming to look at how tidy your home is but to see you... i know no comfort in that : ) but they would far more be happy that you are well enough to enjoy their visit than stressing about what needs doing and i bet its only you that will notice any way

    hugs poppy xx

  • Thank you love. I am resting and listening to radio like you suggested. What is so stupid about this is I keep telling my daughter in law not to get in a tiswas about everything to be perfect when we come down as we just want to see them and that there well and happy. And it doesn't bother us whether washing up or the odd dust bunny. I think I should listen to my self. So now I'm laid onthe bed trying not to think of my dust bunnies and trying to not worry about things that will not be done . I have the same problem with my hubby he folds dirty clothes up and places them neatly on the floor and by magic they arrive back in the drawers all clean. Then he tells me to rest if I'm having a bad day. The elves must do the work I think :)

  • Please listen to your body, if it is s aying I am in pain and need rest, then it is best to rest, its a bit like a battery, a rechargeable batttery does just that, and when its recharged its like new.

    Soft Hugs

    Sue x x x

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