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Hi all, i am new here and just thought i would say Hello. I have woke up today with very intense neck and shoulder pain but cannot take medication of any sort for it due to a load of allergies, not fun when i was only told last week that i have Fibromyalgia. And now i know i put my hot water bottle somewhere but i don't remember where, oh well back to finding it. Hope you all have a good day x

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Hello, welcome to the Forum. I am a recent new member and I hope you will find it as useful as I do. Poor you in pain and unable to take anything.

I really hope you find your hot water bottle and soon. Is there nothing your GP can give you to help with the pain? Fibro can be merciless and takes no prisoners.

There maybe someone on here that can offer pain relief without tablets, I am afraid I take what I can in the hope of pain relief.

The people on the Forum are really kind and good listeners (readers) so any time you feel down or up or just middling, drop us a line.

Love Heltadelta.xx


Hi sorry your in pain but sometimes i use those sticky on heat pads if you cant take pain relief , i just stick them on a t shirt i have on and you can be as mobile as you can but defo help me when i get pain and cant take anything but please read the label and do not stick to skin must be a t shirt or

Pajamas pull off you get up to 12 hours relief n by the way pound shop sell a pack off two well worth the bargain 🌺🌻💐


I will deffo look into them. Thankyou.



Thank you for your replys. I will have to go look for them xx


So sorry that you are having such a hard time at the moment but welcome to our wonderful fibro family ♥️

Has your GP or anyone else spoken to you about alternative treatments or therapies? I know a lot of us on the forum use non medication methods me included xxxx

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Hi, i have had acupuncture but that left me in more pain. Last week i had ultrasound therapy, i didn't feel much benefit from that other than i couldn't feel both my legs after, i have a slipped disc which has been like that for 5 years and thats what they are trying to treat but only just found out about the fibro last week, so hoping they will refer me back to pain clinic to see what else they can do x


Hi an welcome too the forum☺ it must be so hard not being able too take any meds for your pain,have you tried any heat pads at all? I have an electric shoulder pad that helps a lot and you can get a back heat pad,also there's a tens machine,all worth a look at if you've not tried any,I couldn't be without mine hope this helps☺


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