Gins Ridiculous Riddles the answers for no 3

1. A fence

2. Their breadth

3.A Postage stamp


4.Are you asleep?

5 hugging the shore

6. Window shade - blind

7 Long enough to reach their feet!!

8.Normal you have fingers on both hands

9. A glove

10 Buy a pack of cards

11. fifty pairs of pants

12 when it's satin

13. little red riding hood

14. one makes acorns the other makes corns ache

15.the letter v

16. B cause its in BOIL would too if you had to change in the middle of the street.

18. an envelope

19. CAT


9 Replies

  • Excuse me, I'm going to have to call a stewards enquiry on the answer to no 3. :d :d

    By asking the question you could have woken the person and they could in their semi conscious state say "yes" .............hypothetically you know....... But if you're dead however, then there's no chance. :D :D

    Quod erat demonstrandum :d

    Foggy the bad x

  • Oooh er missus but the person was not dead :) :D


  • And I am sure that having to draw a gun to draw blood and then having to draw water to wash away the blood Beats drawing blinds :P

  • It was indeed a good answer :) xgins

  • re- lrrh, when does she swear?

  • Sorry what .should I swear?

  • little red riding hood - when does she swear? :)

  • No three is a stamp in yesterday's . Quiz the one before was little red riding hood. Any way I think red riding hood might swear when she meets the wolf. Lol. Xgins

  • Well I did about the same as last time! At least I am consistent!

    Thank you for the quiz gins

    Ken x

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