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Gins Riddiculous Riddle!s answers no one has asked but here they are from last weekend

Starting at No4 Tulips 5. pine trees 6, a shooting star 7, it does not know how to conduct itself 8. answer the phone when the boomerang! 9.Man-eating sharks 10. because they never get off their beds would too if you had crabs on your bottom. 12.he was the skipper 13. Kung fu 14. a soccer team 15. a swimming race 16. run faster than everybody else, 17.microwaves 18. 19. 20

Please will you give me your answers to 1.2.3. 18.19.20 prizes of biscuits will be awarded (cream cakes if the answers are good)

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Hi gins this is what I put?

1. Beat it

2. Boxing / Wrestling Ring

3. Sagging Boobs

18. Battle of Trafalgar

19. Road Runner

20. He Loved Wedding Cake!

Can I have a biscuit now please?

Thank you

Ken x x x x


How did we get to saggy whatsits

Yes you may have 6 bourbons because your answers are inventive they make me smile :D



Yippee! I can't remember the question but I remember it made sense at the time!

Yum, yum, yum, lovely Bourbons!

Ken x x x x x x


!.Beat it


18 Trafalgar

20, He kept giving them the chop


Not bad where are no3 and no19 :) sorry no bourbons but would you like a custard cream for trying?


:P Me like custard creams, No like bourbons :)


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