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Gins Ridiculous Riddles answer time

Answers No 1. Silence

No 2 You're having me on

3. Tarzipan

4. A refirdgerator

5, because it goes around and around the waist

6, A flight of stairs

7. The Sun

8 Your age

9. A rocket

10. "Smiles" because there is a mile between beginning and end

11 A Leg

12 Footsteps

13 They hold your leggies on

14 Your feet of the floor

15 A Pair of shoes

16 A rainbow

17 your address

18 Coat of paint

19 Post office

20 Norse code

So we have the answers so I particularly liked some of the imaginative answers.

So score your selves one point for every correct answer and a bonus if you were any where near 5 and 10


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Oh dear! I didn't do very well again!

Thank you for doing this gins, it is genuinely appreciated.

Ken x


I thought you did pretty well and you had a go which is brilliant thanks for playing my friend xgins


Had a go at these, my brain has since been left in for repair :p I did really badly!! but I did have fun. Smiles, I remembered that from school as my English teacher had a sense of humour and would ask us these type of questions. "makes the brain think" he said. One of his other ones was to say a gigantic word and then tell us to spell it! Very few of us got IT right and how simple when you think about IT. Thanks for the fun, you're a star! susan :)


Thanks for having ago of course I thought they were easy but I had the answers LOL I hope you keep on we might try the words oh no there is another idea but I will post it soon. Take care



I assume you are full of wonderful and fun ideas, where were you when I was planning my daughters baby shower? do you do rent outs :p hugs Susan :)


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