High HR whilst sleeping

Hi guys,

Since the new update on the iWatch I have been having notifications about heart rate when I wake which I have deleted and not read. Today I read what they said. I had 4 points during the early hours where my heart rate went above 120.

On checking the health app on my phone it shows that my heart rate is peaking at 168 during the early hours.

Does anyone else have this problem and is it part of the Fibro?

Thanks in advance.


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  • This could be because your dreaming you might realize you've had a dream. Heart rates can increase through dreaming

  • Hello JaimeH not message before welcome from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours) sounds a bit like you might have a cardio problem hun- ask your gp to keep a regular check on you.. Are you taking meds ? Are you able to take your blood pressure and send it down?

  • Hi, the only meds I’m on is amitriptyline at night. I will look into blood pressure monitor to check that. Thanks x

  • Make a gp appt soonest dont leave anything to chance, tell him what you told us.

  • Thank you. X

  • Amytryptiline can make your heart beat faster a few years ago I had surgery on my shoulder and nurse came to take my pulse and couldn’t believe it was 157 kept retaking it and it was still the same so had to have an ECG in the end they gave me heart tablets but at the time I was on 250mg of Amytryptiline a night my heart beat does tend to be faster and I’m sure it is the meds’ that cause it. I sometimes get palpitations as well. The watch is very good for keeping an eye on this though they have just released an update on it I believe so it will tell you when your heartbeat is faster which means you can look to see if anything you are doing is making it go faster if it continues it is worth a trip to the Drs just to get it checked out.


  • Thanks Jackie. I am on amitriptyline but only 20mg. I noticed yesterday that it was going up and down during the day when I was at work. It did it again last night during my sleep and was hitting 158. Keeping tabs on blood pressure now. I wake up with palpitations regularly now and before diagnosis.

  • I would definitely just get checked at the Drs to be sure but I know my heartbeat is quite fast I now take 50mg of Amytryptiline. 158 is quite a fast heart rate when resting but probably is down to the medication.

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