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Panorama Doing Update on their "Disabled or Faking It?" Programme

In the early hours of this morning I spotted a Tweet by Declan Lawn who presented Panorama's "Disabled or Faking It?" programme last month. He says ". . . we may have an update on our #WCA #Atos film that is kind of astonishing".

I asked him if it'll be at some point during the show on Monday & he's now replied to my Tweet and said it will be later on during next week.

If you missed the original show you can watch it here:

Hubby been called for another WCA in a couple of weeks time - he won his appeal in March - so I'll be watching with great interest!

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One of my biggest fears is that I could be accused for being a faker, it haunts me. I almost feel that on a good day I can't do things just in case which is terrible. I live in constant pain, maybe ten days in a year I may have a totally pain free day. My symptoms change from being unable to walk, talk, write, read or even see or hold my balance let alone being able to control my bladder or bowels to being able to do some or all of these things. Does that make me a faker? No it makes me someone who has to fight my own body everyday just to survive. Should I then have to worry about someone popping out with a camera to prove I can walk or what ever? Just the stress of knowing that people have no idear just how symptoms can change daily or hourly in some cases just scares me to death. I have always been totally honest person but sometimes I look at situation and can see that it could be twisted to make me look guilty of faking. And sometimes this makes me just want to curl up and die and save the government the trouble of hounding me for every penny.


I know exactly what you mean, twice last week I managed to walk the magical 200m; couldn't manage it again though. Good job my psycho next door neighbour doesn't know I get benefits otherwise she'd be reporting me for that too!

Julie xx


I so identify with your post xx and just wanted to say how I clearly understand what you mean... but we must not give up!! As people who share this "invisible" illness we need to keep sharing our experience & keep supporting each other.

Every good wish & gentle hugs. xx


will watch the show .. thanks for the link x

I also have been called a faker it does not help that some people do, but lovely devon lady please try not to worry about what other peope think .. some times we have to think of ourselfs like adventuerers ( cant spell that one )

Yuppy flu / dyslexia are just 2 examples of what happens when people fight for there health so we as a group support and fight together ...

gentle dyslexic hugs


Thanks for the post. My brother is in a right state. Won his appeal last year then they pulled him straight away for another assessment- fit for work. Poor thing can not understand what he's doing or thinking, as undiagnosed dementia for past 4/5 years or more & colapsed spine. If you ask him a question 5 times you get 5 different answers. ATOS behaviour has to be classed as bullying and addressed some day.

Wishing your hubby all the best for his appointment xx


Those who have pain free days are lucky I've never had one not in all the time I've had this condition I can't remember what its like not to have any pain hope all goes well for your husbands meeting.


I don't have any pain-free days, unfortunately. I just seem to get steadily worse. Cheers, Midori


Never had a pain free day. Wishful thinking. I know others who have different pain problems and FMS, but if they could choose they would prefer the other conditions coz it never stops and there are so many side effects.


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