Is it true doctors make you well? I have fibromyalgia

My doctor makes me sick !! She's so rude and condescending. Was waiting for letter from Rheumy about blood test saying they were all ok Doctor said to me previously they were high for rueamatoid factor . So she got that wrong, waited 6 weeks to find that out. Was very worried I am very angry. My fingers are sore and swell up . A couple are missharpen. When I told her I had psheriasis sorry can't spell she asked why I didn't tell the reaumy that, I said I never made the connection to arthritis, she then went on about how I'm being a bit forceful I said I'm sorry but I want to know what is going on she agreed to send me for a hand scan and gave me more medication , this time anti inflamatories. Which I'm not going to take as can't afford prescription charges Once my results are back I'm going to see another doctor ......... Rant over

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  • Hello Huskybike,

    Sorry you're experiencing these issues and seeing another GP sounds like probably a good option for you. Can I say the word you have tried to spell is it Psoriasis? Is your GP thinking you have the following do you think (after asking why you didn't tell the Rheumatologist about this issue)?

    Or more importantly does the link above, have any information that you find interesting? If so, I'd consider mentioning it to the next GP. If you continue to be unhappy with your healthcare please consider Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) and/or writing to your peactice manager.

    Hope this helps

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hi Huskybike

    I am so sorry to read of your current plight and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I am with Mdaisy, that seeing a different GP would probably be a good idea.

    I am so sorry to read that you are having trouble with your prescription costs. Did you know that you can buy an prepaid annual exemption certificate for only £10.40 per month? I have pasted you the link below:

    I really hope that you can find some answers to this problem.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hello thanks for reply I've just looked at the prescription link but it doesn't say how much you have to pay monthly if you want a 12 month certificate ?

  • My pre-payment card has been worth it's weight in gold, as Ken says its about £10.40 a month - in the last couple of months I've had almost 20 prescriptions for various things (horrendous dental issues) and I certainly wouldn't have been able to afford them if I paid for them individually.

  • Sorry about that, just seen Lucyhobbit has replied to you, yes, mine is also £10.40 per month. Take care

    Ken x

  • Thanks for all your help have applied for pre payment perscriptions 10.40 a month so that should save me a bit and I can claime back my last perscription cost of £24.00 cool. Just as well as had cyctitis AGAIN then got Tonsilitis in one week of each other I think my immune system is low. However on the positive side I've had 2 osteopath appointments and Ivan move more freely which gives me less pain which makes my moods better RESULT lol I know it's not a cure but it's worth a go love to all fellow Fibro sufferers xfluffy hugs

  • That is really wonderful to read! I have just renewed my annual prepayment as I have so many medications. I hope that you get some really get some really great results with the osteopath?

    Take care my friend

    Ken x

  • Agree change your GP. Don't lose your temper just change.

  • Thanks jack I can see any doctor in the practice so that should be ok, not going to work today so upset and too much pain in fingers as I work in a laundry and have to do lots of ironing x

  • hi Husbybike, be nice to yourself today.

    I have changed one GP and one specialist and only regret was not doing it sooner. It is such an important relationship it needs to be good.

    I did once however have my GP telling me all her problems and made me realise that they are human and have bad days as well.

    gentle hug


  • Hi Huskybike,

    A prepayment card is a good option it certainly helped me to take my meds. You can also do similar with the dentist well not strictly pre payment you insure yourself I have found it fantastic. I get my annual check up and six monthly and two visits with Hygienist plus any dental work all done under one hat. Sorry I know I have diverted the conversation.

    What I did want to say was I ave psiratic arthritis (cannot spell it either\) The anti inflamatory meds were the best thing made a brilliant difference. So if you can afford it give it a go xxgins Then change your Doctor :)

  • Hello Gins,

    I did not know you have lets just called it PA as it is a mouthful !!, you find NSAID's help? I have a friend who has too !

    Emma :)

  • Can I ask if not to personal. Did you have much psoriasis as I just have some on my elbow?

  • Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time at the minute, I would say the same as some of the others here change your GP. It took me to go through a about five in our practice to actually get one that understood. :)

  • hello Tiredalot40,

    Same experience , tried different GP's in one surgery - left and tried several in my current surgery until I found one who listens, doesn't have preconceived ideas and also does not mind about my increased knowledge in fact promotes it ! :)

    They are around, keep searching everyone! We have a link on our website about Fibro Friendly Healthcare Professionals, do let us know if we can add to it.

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hi Mdaisy, as usual sound advice. I must ask my Gp would she mind putting her name to your list. Its a good idea for others who don't have a Gp's support :)

  • I've had bad really bad experiences with doctors as well. I bet a lot of us have judging by some of the things I read on the forum. There is only four doctors in the practice I go to and only one is remotely capable of listening. One doctor drowned me out once by repeating 'I am listening, I am listening' after I said he wasn't. He really hadn't been as he never stopped talking! You can't listen all the time you are talking. Fool. At the end of the appointment he slapped me on the shoulder (OW) and said 'just some miscommunication really'. I think that was the nearest he could get to an apology. I suppose I should be grateful he tried? I do mean to change to another practice at some point although who knows what I'd get then. Least I know I have one doctor who has ears that work alongside her brain. I do think that just because a person has passed all the necessary exams and has had all the training to be a doctor doesn't mean that they have the full range of skills necessary to be GOOD at that job. A good doctor is also good with patients - has good people skills as well as knows what they are doing diagnostically etc. Another doctor asked me about other symptoms I'd had at the time in reaction to some drugs and my breasts hurt - I said that and he got embarrassed! Eh? Can't be the first person to say 'breasts' before to him surely? Made me want to shout 'breasts, breasts, breasts'. I didn't - honest. Good luck with everything.

  • Hi Deb, the end of your comment made me laugh. :D Thanks for that. I can understand the temptation completely.

    Thank you for your reply to me in the other post. :)

    Hugs and sparkles,

    Fay xxxx

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