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Depression very bad today

Well I've done so well with my oxygen therapy but my depression is slowly getting worse ,I do suffer bad and have attempted to take my own life before now, but I'm taking myself of to bed because I feel safe there is do live alone is this really connected to fibromyalgia if so what next, does anyone in the powers that be care if doctors don't understand then educate them this is an illness HELP US

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Please do seek further help with your depression...and if you ever need to talk to someone we are here or the Samaritan's Help Line is on our pinned posts. Fibro is the most complex illness and it is only in recent years being researched to any extent...One day there will be an answer so hang in there!!!! x


Thanks you for you support send hugs🤗🤗


Hi Janeandme I'm sorry your feeling so low. I'm afraid that depression is a symptom of Fibro & as far as I know, the majority of people with Fibro do suffer at times with depression. I'm sure a lot of it is being in pain for long periods and not sleeping properly etc. that causes a lot of it.

I used to get low in the early years but I take amitriptyline & have taken them for years, so I'm no where near so bad now.

I think things are moving forward with educating ppl. About Fibro but it's just slow.

I like the sound of oxygen therapy, does it make you feel better ?

luv Jan xx

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Definitely helps with fibromyalgia fog and fatigue/cfs but for me it hasn't helped with the pain but you carn't have everything some relief is better than none I'm still going it's expensive but I'm fortunate my parents pay for me to go hope this answers your question sending you hugsxxxxx


Hi Janeandme

Please please don't be offended. I have given you the number of the Samaritans. Sometimes it is good to speak to someone in person:

The calls are also now free which is a bonus.

To answer your question, as you probably know by now, just about anything can be Fibro related.

My own personal opinion is that lack of sleep, pain and fatigue = low mood and/or depression.

Have you ever had any dealings with the organisation called MIND? I will pop back and give you a link.

They can offer you a Project Worker for one to one sessions. You can also have free Counselling with a Professional Counsellor free of charge, although there is usually a waiting list.

It is not for everyone, but definitely worth looking into. I can personally highly recommend them.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but have you been depressed before? Also do you suffer from SAD?

Many people are feeling quite down at the moment due to the days getting shorter and the nights longer, which is especially hard when you live alone.

I really hope some of this helps? My "safe place" is my bed too. Stay where you feel safe, but could you let us know how you are tomorrow?

Do you take any antidepressants? It may be worth you having a review with your GP?

If you would like to private message me or Ken TheAuthor , you are very welcome to.

Wishing you much peace

Lu xx

PS Here is the link to MIND as promised:


Hi Janeandme

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and as BlueMermaid3 says please ring the Samaritans or you can always contact one of us if you need to talk. You can always see your doctor as well as let them know exactly how you are feeling my friend? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Thank you for your reply I'm going to doctors next week will update on review on my depression will also look on link jxxxxxx


You're welcome 😊

Please do look at the MIND link. They are a fantastic organisation that helps people with depression. I have used them myself.

Lu xx

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Thanks while your here can you tell me how to put my picture on profile I've tried everything lol nothing worse than talking to a smiling blue circle


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