I phones for the pip forms today. They asked a few basic questions but I still got flustered. Anything out of my routine I find difficult.she gave me a number I said is that my reference number, she said no it's the phone number. One of the questions was do you have dementia. I said I can't remember and then said no. But it's debatable. Anyway I'll just see how I get on. Should I sent my hospital letters with the form when I complete it.

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  • Yes when you phone unless you know the routine you might have a bit of a shock at the questions asked. So many people think it is just a simple phone call and they will take your name and address and send the form out but as you have unfortunately found out it is more intense than that. If you were starting to get flustered and not understanding they will ask that question as they have a slightly different approach to someone who has that.

    Yes do send all your evidence with your completed form but make sure that you keep a copy. My advice and the advice if several other people here who have done it is to record your Pip assessment if you are sent for one. I stated on the last page that that is what I wanted to do. You do have to have a recording advice that enables you to give them a copy and one you keep yourself but I think it keeps them honest. Try and get help with the form if there isn't a CAB by you or something similar have a word with Janet our advisor as I have been told she is excellent. Good luck.x

  • Thanks

  • Really sorry you found the experience so hard sweetie. I haven't applied for PIP so I can't be much help in that sense. Can you have someone there with you who will help calm you down and give you some support next time? ♥️🌻

  • Yes I'm sure I'll get support thanks .I'm ok just get flustered. I've only had problems like that for the past 18 months. I've never had problems before that.

  • Have you spoken to your GP about it hun xxx

  • Well the rhumatlogist sent him a letter to say I had sensory disturbances. If I travelled anywhere I wouldn't use a satnav I'd look at a map and would memorise it. Now I can't plan a simple route. I hardly drive anymore. Even going into town can't manage it anymore on my own. It's so frustrating.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that hun it sounds really awful. Is there anything they can do xxx

  • I don't know is the truth. I've been telling health professionals for 4 years my difficulties. I've been unable to cook for 2 years. I can understand the medics. When you approach symtoms their unfamiliar with. They just don't know how to answer. So they ignore it. They look through you.they don't say anything verbally. But you can see they are thinking, I don't know what to do about these problems. So they don't help or suggest possibilities.

  • Have you written down over a week or two all of your symptoms and pains and then go to the doctor will it all written down and explain that you need action taken. It make take you visiting a new GP as well but hopefully it will get the ball rolling? ♥️🌻

  • It would help to send them but photocopy them first that's what I done to all mine all the best

  • Can I send the photo copies in or does it have to be the original copy. Thanks

  • You keep photocopy send of original hope it helps

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