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Hi everyone gentle hugs to you all.update of myself since October my hands have been a constant source of pain stiffness and soreness as well as ball of left April my rheumy switched me over to Methpen and hydroxy.i hope this helps my fingers very soon.a question to you if anyone can help.i had a pip assessment last week a lady ring me at home today asking me a couple of questions the main one being when have I noticed a downward turn in my hands feet etc,I told her I couldn't remember the exact date as I applied way back in October so I just said October but it has just got gradually worse,she then said shall we say the date of your doctors letter oct 7th as the date then so I said yes roughly about ️then it all started getting worse for me.she said ️️ok the decision makers can now make their decision.has anyone else had a phone call like this after a pip assessment as it doesn't look likely I will be awarded anything now as they're querying my date of struggling but it was so long ago 7 months ago !! Any help or advice ️plse thanks Michelle x

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I am quoting from the GOV.UK site re medical conditions and they define what they mean by a condition which is substantial and long term which is what you may need to receive PIP.

‘substantial’ is more than minor or trivial - eg it takes much longer than it usually would to complete a daily task like getting dressed

‘long-term’ means 12 months or more - eg a breathing condition that develops as a result of a lung infection

I believe they can also take into consideration the projected length of a disability into account. So if you have had a bad injury that would take 18 months to heal they might give PIP on a short term basis with an assessment at the end of the projected period of recovery. your condition therefore might not have been present for 12 months but if it is a condition that will only get worse e.g.g your hands with turn down even further over a period of time that should be taken into consideration.

There are special rules about recurring or fluctuating conditions, for example, arthritis and how they have to view them so for more details about the special rules download the ‘Equality Act Guidance’. which you can access at the Gov.Uk site when you look up PIP.

If you are turned down ask for a mandatory reconsideration and say them phoning out of the blue like that with no prior warning and with you suffering with fibro fog affecting your thought processes made it difficult to think clearly. Ask your doctor or rheumi when you first reported these symptoms affecting you and ask them to take the onset of that condition and your needs from that date not the date you "guessed at" because you were under pressure.

Good luck, hope this helps and please let us know how you get


Have you checked the Benefits and work website they have loads of info regarding PIP


I have never been through anything of this nature, but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Morning Michelle if you had gone to Dr's when pain was worse or when it first started you can ask Dr's reception or Dr to print a break down of this as they would have logged it on the system and the dates you attened hope this helps Dee


Im just thinking it did start around that time and they are Querying when my pain started but why?its got worse since then as my april rheumy letter showed and I handed this in at assessment to prove you have to be in pain for a certain amount of time before claiming I wonder who knows !!!


Hi. Sorry about ur nightmare. U have to have a symtom for at least 1 year to be taken seriously. Tell them when you 1st felt the pain. Very 1st time. What the heck u cant remember. Make it OCTOBER 2013!! Uts ss good as any. I have even forgotten my surname before! So I beleive one answer can be as gud as any. This way u keep the October bit. U just say that u mention it to ur GP when paracetamol and 200mg Ibuprofen u get over the counter un £1 shops stop working. Thats what most people do. Thats what ur GP would have given u ti start with normally. I wish u all the best.


Hello Shell1967,

Please know FibroAction can supply you with step by step guides that may help with your PIP claim, email us using and Karen our Admin Assistant would be happy to send this out to you.

All the best

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Thank you to you all xx


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