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Finally got some meds


After seeing my consultant at hospital a few weeks ago and being told its fibro, I had to wait for his letter of recommend treatment to get to my gp. So 3 weeks later I'm still waiting so I ring the hospital and the letter was still sittin there waiting to be signed!

Anyway it was then faxed through to my gp and I went for the appointment this morning. I have been put on gabapentin 100mg, to take one in morning for 3 days, then one in morning and at night for 3 days and then 3 times a day for couple of weeks and then go back and see how it's helping?. Anyone else had this medication? X

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Not personally, but I know many people on this site have found it helpful. You may find it takes a while to sort out the best meds that suit you, but hopefully things will improve for you quite quickly.

Fingers x for you, and do keep us posted on how things progress. Take care xx

I haven't had that no, but with regards waiting for a GP letter, rheumy doctor could have written out a perscription on the spot so you could have got the drugs at the hospital pharmacy. Next time you go - if he changes your meds ask him for a perscription on the spot I am sure he won't mind.

That's what my gp said he should have done, would have made it alot easier. X


Im on the gabapentin. Three lots of 500mg a day. It makes the pain bearable somedays I need to top up with co codamol and/or naproxen.


Hi there,I take pregabalin which is the same type of medication.I take it three times a day.But I take other meds for pain as well.You may experience side effects at first but just persevere with it before you decide if its helping you.I found that it made me very dizzy and I had a couple of falls so they adjusted the dose.It also increased my appetite.We are all different though so what works for one and causes side effects for one may be different for another.You need to weigh up the effects against the side effects.If you google it you can read up about it including side effects you MAY get.Hope they help for you x

Hi there Joanne, yes I are gabapentin too,the doc says it helps the nerve endings, it also helps the restless leg syndrome which goes with fibro, nothing in my opinion takes the pain away completely just help u cope, they are a pretty safe tablet as u can go up to 1800 grms a day but as haribo says they do increase the appetite, just don't eat crap food, but that's a small price to pay for what the gabapentin can do, I also take tramadol, and top up sometimes with cocodamol, but I won't leave off the gabapentin because of the restless legs and body jerks, hope u soon manage to get yourself sorted this condition desease what ever they call it is a real bummer, gentle. Hugs for you ....Dee xx

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