Very sad today 😣

Morning fellow sufferers I hope you all are good today?

I am feeling so sad I have a 44 year old brain in a 90 year old body.

I am so confused to what is happening to my body. Once upon a time I could clean my house, go shopping, then go socialising.

Now I clean one room and my body is in so much pain I want to curl up and wait for it to go away.

My hubby told me some home truths this morning. I am going to have to give up on my beloved netball that made me feel like a 44 year old, as I have deteriorated considerably since I started.

I so desperately want to work but my body keeps getting in the way of that.

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a body swoop shop to exchange a faulty body for a new intact pain free one?!!

Well thank you for letting me let off steam and I truly hope everyone is good and happy today ❀

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  • Aw sorry to hear your so low I feel for you I say I'm 49 with the body of 79 year old I don't know how I got like this !! How my life has become like this I'm normally a cheerful person but it gets to everyone at times I think theres a lot of good people on here for support etc I just try and take one day at s time I'm not very good at this expressing myself in writing but felt I wanted to say something to you I really do know where your coming from fibro an illness take so much away from you I hope you feel better soon I guess we have to find a way to get throo this take care xx

  • Lorsxxxx

    Thank you so much i really appreciate your response.

    It is sucky that this is happening and I really do try to be glass half full but it can be difficult sometimes.

    I hope that your day is as pain free as possible Lorsxxxx

  • No worries we've all gotta stick together I think it helps when you can chat to people who know exactly what your going throo and if we can have a giggle sometimes then that's even better its a hard road we have to follow I'm always up for a chat with anyone if it helps ,be kind to yourself xx((hugs))

  • Hello Victoriaom

    Sorry to hear you feel this way and genuinely understand how the Fibromyalgia monster can cause such distress.

    We are here to listen and understand, as many of us have lived through similar experiences. Do try to keep strong and use pacing to hopefully work towards a better quality of life.

    If you find the body swap or a Quick Fit ......please do let us know :)

    Take Care

    Emma :)

  • Hey Emma

    Thank you xx

    If I find the swop shop this will be the first place I will be telling!


  • Sorry to hear you have to stop playing netball, could you referee for them or any less physical role, it would be a shame to stop the social side of things. As for the body swap I would not wish all this nonsense on anyone, however I would become a supermodel, in my dreams. xxx

  • Hello Lou1054

    I have sent a message to my team regarding the situation and as always they are super supportive.

    I am going to be a cheerleader/sub and remain part of the team. Am thrilled about that.

    I think it is time for myself to stop pretending that fibro isn't happening to me and like Emma said, pace myself.

    Thank you all for your support, you all are just lovely ❀

  • That's great an a really positive thing so you've achieved something good today :0) I'd say try an be as sociable as you can manage it helps a lot mentally I'm quite isolated as I don't mix with people I have 1son but no other family an no partner its hard being so isolated with no one to really ask for help my son dosent really understand my illnesses but I'd say its important to keep your friends around an stay involved with your netball team xx

  • You can always chat to me Lorsxxxx.

    We have something in common other than fibro .....

    I love Betty too, I have her tattooed on my shoulder!!

    Lots of love n hugs and you are not on your own ❀❀❀❀

  • Aw thanks same gos for you anytime I'm always on a off here Betty's great I have tatts but no Betty one as yet :0) thanks for that its made me smile :0) xxx

  • I got her done for my 30th, present from my then housemate when I lived in Leicester.

    So I see we have that in common too!

    I loved it up there, was there for nearly 7 years.

    Oh I think you should def get a Betty tattoo.

    I have been wanting a Betty Boop figure for years, am still working on my oh for one!

    I think he is cracking, hopefully.


  • Lol funny enough I saw a nice pic of a Betty tatt last WK on my Pinterest so I saved it I would like a couple more tatts iv been in leics 14 years I'm just outside the city centre a ten min walk not that I can walk it anymore !! :0) where do you live now ? Xx

  • P.s. keep working on getting that figure ;0)

  • I live in Worthing now, by the sea, lovely.

    I am originally from London but have moved a good many times since then.

    I lived in Hamilton which is about a 10 min drive from the city centre.

    I worked for Leic city council, Looked after children mainly learning disabilities. I did my degree at de montfort uni, well 2 years of it😣.

    I loved it up there had a lot of good friends but lost contact with all of them.

    I really think you should def get that tattoo.

    Oh and believe me am still wkg on my hubby!

    I will get my Betty Book figure anyway and tell him it's his bday pressies to me!!


  • I like your thinking re the Betty figure :0) I'd love to live by the sea I'm close to de montford and we are surrounded by students theve just done loads if work on campus put a lot of money in to it its really nice Now since the king Richard discovery leics has changed a lot xx

  • You always have Skeggy!!


  • Is there another hobby that you might enjoy?

    I've had to give up mine. It's more sedate.

  • I love upcycling furniture and crafts. I have a craft table and everything but it's been gathering dust! I have a sewing machine my oh bought for me about 4 years ago. He calls it an ornament as I've never used it.

    Next Sunday I am getting a sewing machine lesson from a lady who travels around the UK in a pink bus giving sewing lessons!!

    So the sewing machine will no longer be just an ornament!!


  • Sorry to hear your so low, I totally get that, I used to do all of these things with ease and for fun I climbed mountains, now however it takes me all my time to get out of bed in the mornings, even at that most of the day is spent on the sofa. Hope your feeling better soon xx

  • Hello Debater

    Thank you for your message.

    This fibro really is a pain in the posterior isn't it?!

    I understand completely where you are coming from except the climbing mountains, bit too active even in my most active of days!!

    Ha my sofa has a permanent dent in it from me lying on it!

    I hope you are having a good positive day today xxxx

  • I'm so sorry I know how hard this is, I have a mountain of washing at home that I keep meaning to do but I'm so tired when I get home from work that I don't. I use to be such a neat freak and now I'm lucky if I can do 10 minutes of cleaning before needed to sit down. I'm really lucky that Carl is so supportive but for me I find it so frustrating and I get angry because I feel like I'm not pulling my weight with the housework and cooking!

    So where do I sign up for this body swap then?? xxx

  • My flat used to be so nice Now I just can't keep it as nice as I'd like I suppose that's one good thing about being on your own its only you that sees it ;0) I can't seem to come to terms with my limitations it makes one angry an upset I'm with you there Danielle gemma the frustration an anger is awful but I suppose we can't do what we can't do but I wish I could be more laid back about it all I'm next in the Q for a new body plz xx

  • Like I said to Danielle, Lors if I find the body swop shop we will get our new bodies then go out and celebrate our new lives!!

    Anyway Lors there is more to life than a clean house we need to live our lives as fully as we possibly can ❀

  • I don't seem to have a life at the no lol ! I'm staying in my flat more an more an in bed more an more :0/xx

  • But I'm up fr a new body celebration :0) xx

  • I completely agree, it's forced me to become more laid back which I suppose I did need - but compared to a normal person I am still a complete stress head! Luckily my OH understands and I must must must do some washing tonight haha xxx

  • I'm trying to be more laid bk its not working tho!! Lol :0/ your all Lucy to have understanding partners :9) xx

  • Yeah I know that feeling it's so difficult as I am a bit of a control freak haha! I am very lucky to have Carl he has been my rock for so long now! Thanks sweetie, you are rocking life by being an amazing individual!!! xxxx

  • Ah thanks I don't know about that I'm just little old me :0/ xx

  • Little old you has made me smile, lifted my spirits and helped me through the day! With Fibro that is a massive achievement xxx

  • And I agree Daniellegemma your working an studying ! That's so good high5 you ,you go girl xx

  • You should be so proud of yourself Danielle, you are still working. That is just brilliant and I really admire you for that.

    I used to be so house proud, my house was always clean and despite always having animals never smelt like a zoo. Now I have to do one room a day and rely on plug ins for that fresh air smell!

    If ever I find this swop shop I will message you immediately! We can go and get our new bodies then celebrate, cocktails or coffee and cake, your call!!

    Take care of you today xxxx

  • Can I come? An can we have champers cake an coffee my fave 3 things :0) xx

  • Oh definitely Lors you are coming too!

    I think with our new bodies we should paint the town red πŸ₯‚❀❀

  • Fancy new bod? Sod the sitting around with cake, I'd be taking mine out dancing

  • Oops and Cocktails :0)

  • Def!!

  • I'm off for a nap ladies catch u later tc an (((+hugs)))) xxxx

  • Have a good sleep Lors xxx

  • Could I have a body swap with Elle McPherson?

  • πŸ˜‚ You can have whatever body you like Lolacat!!! Xx

  • Life's hard. I relate to what you say. Hope you find some relief.

  • My now 76 yr old Dad went into The Body Shop a couple of years or so ago. I think he was buying me a gift card for my birthday.

    Anyway, with a completely straight face, he asked one of the staff if he was in the right place. In the right place for, yep you guessed it . . a new body 😁. Bless him, he can still walk, although he could probably do with a stick these days but he's a stubborn old git (and I say that in a nice way)!

    He's definitely growing old disgracefully πŸ˜‰ and a proper wind-up merchant.

  • Brilliant.

    Thats what i want, to grow old totally disgracefully!!

    Lots of love xxxx

  • Hi

    I know where you are at. I am nearly 50 and use to do everything! Even the sort of jobs the blokes would do , but now I do something and have to sit for a rest . So frustrating! My pain at the moment is not so bad so am trying to get on and do things but I sit at work and close my eyes for a quick 15 mins kip. My colleagues are very good , shame hubby isn't quite so understanding. He says it's my posture ! I worry about the future as I spent 14 years looking after my daughter with special needs and this is supposed to be my time .i don't want it taken away !

    Good luck to you I understand where you are at x

  • Hello

    Thank you for your lovely message.

    Hats off to you for still working you should be very proud of yourself.

    Take care of yourself ❀

  • I'm the 36 and I also feel like a 90 yr old. I totally understand how you feel. It's so frustrating and upsetting.

    I wish I had magic words for you... that could make you feel better

    I've really had to lower my expectations. I hated doing this because it goes against my true nature. So I know it's not easy.

    For example.... my house is a mess ALL the time and that's okay (believe me it took me along time to accept that - I'm a perfectionist) I now save my energy for spending time with my children.

    My only advice to cope is save your energy for the things you love and that makes you smile πŸ’•

  • Strongshell3

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

    I so agree with you and i aim to take your advice.

    There are more important things in life than a clean house

    Hope you are having a good day today xxx

  • Vic I know you feel sad, I get days like that too. I'm 48, with a 7 year old to bring up and 5 grandchildren to spoil. I do this in pain everyday but and this is crucial, it's better that the other option, death!!!!

    We all get bad days and yes they are bad, but when I was explaining my condition to my eldest granddaughter I was so gratefuI didn't have to say that it was fatal.

    So painful as our conditions are be pleased we are living another day β™‘

  • So true Sue. I have 3 grandchildren who i love with all my heart. Nearly 5 years ago we nearly lost the eldest one from aplastic anaemia. His little sister was found to be a match and gave him her bone marrow. They are my hereos.

    At the same time of my grandsons illness we lost my stepson aged 21 suddenly.

    Life is so very precious and fleeting

    Lots of love and hugs ❀

  • Hi victoriaom, i get you it's so frustrating to have a body older than your mind as you feel you can do something, then your body reminds you, you can't!! Concentrate on what you can do and enjoy it as each day is never the same, chin up 😊

  • Thankyou NanaTisme

    I think its finally dawning on me, the limitations caused by fibro.

    Tho i am a strong believer in life is what you make it.

    I remember years ago getting into a hospital lift with a lady.

    She was very happy and smiling.

    She explained that she had MS but refused to let it get the better of her.

    She walked with the aid of canes and was in pain but was determined to continue working and remain independent.

    Have a good day today xxx

  • You too hun x

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