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very down today

hi all sorry to moan but iv had a bad day didt want to get up but had to go food shopping with my husban which we useally do early but for one reason and another did go till 1030 today then after the hated shopping to find that we could not get in the dogs had jumpped up at the door and dropped the yale yoke after my poor husband trying loads of diff ways he had to break in the bottom of the back door the neighbout=rs were brill i got input the shopping away sat down and broke down and off i went to bed till 530 im so tired through stress when i read this back noe its sounds funny and in my good days it would of been my poor husband has gone for a shower then i realise he was prob stressed as well but has to hold so much together for me its his birhtday next month and i so want to finish the cross stitch i started for him but dont seem to have the time or energy well thats my day hows yours been lots of love xxxxxxxxx

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Sounds like you have had a really rough day hun, so here is a (((((gentle hug))))) especially for you. I think as fibro sufferers we all have what I class as 'horrific days'. I say that because when I have a good day it is really good, but sadly they are very rare for me. I think when we have a supportive partner we often forget how it affects them. I mean a partner who supports you can take over the cleaning and things, but they cannot take over your pain for you, that, you are stuck with, well I mean we, us, are stuck with. In saying that if I could pass this pain on to someone else for a while, I would not do it. Would not wish fibro pain on anyone. So maybe when we have days like this we need to get our mental chalkboard, our little stick of chalk, and mark it up as 'one of those days'. Hope you manage to relax hun xxxxx Lin


thank u xx


Hugs for you on this rough day.

Today is almost over now. I hope tomorrow that you have a great day.

That you soon finish the cross stitch in time for your husband's birthday, what a lovely idea.



Big hugs. It doesn't sound like the best of days but these husbands are worth their weight in gold.

My daughter is crazy about cross stitch. Why not set yourself a goal of doing so many rows a day, even if you only manage one at a time and then rest for a bit. It will soon come together.

What are you making him?

Piggie hugs xxxxx


Morning jan, I hope today is better for you Hun, it can't be like yesterday for sure can it, keep chin up flower

Regards nicki xxxx


thank you all im dooing a cross stitch called nothern lights but its of wolves with the lights behing them he is such a good husband and i want him to know that xxxxx


i hear ya...bad bad days ...hope today is better.for us all xx


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