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Feeling Sad :-(

Never did I think at the age of 45 I would be in constant pain and spending most of my days in bed ! Today I managed to crawl to the toilet My right leg is almost unusable due to another condition but fibro gives me chronic back pain , Weakness in my arms and legs , Painful wrists and almost no grip or strength , I often wonder whats the point ! But I am a single Mum to a 12 year old boy who I love dearly ! Him coming home from school every day to me keeps me going x

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Hi your not alone big soft hugs keep your chin up we are hear for you


Hello there Sue, you certainly aren't alone. I am sure many of us can relate to all you say. Our lives are radically changed by having Fibro, things can become very difficult and yet we plod on because we have to, because we have children. Thank goodness for them!

Have you spoken to your GP recently about whether your meds are helping you sufficiently?! Sometimes we all need a meds review to see if our meds are helping us the best they can. When our Fibro evolves and changes, sometimes our meds need tweaking, the doses altering or even changing altogether. It might be worth you popping along to mention this, update your GP on all your symptoms, tell them you're struggling at the moment and finding it all very difficult. Hopefully something can be done about this for you.

Wishing you all the best, we are here for you and we do care. If there is anything we can do to help or support you, please let us know. Always happy to help where we can.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx


Thinking of you hun, keep going you are doing well xgins


hi , i am sure your son thinks you are the best Mum in the world too. it is so hard to just keep going and sometimes you just need to stop and take care of yourself , warm hugs J


sending you genuine love and empathy i totally empathise with how your feeling im 47 and most of the time i feel my life is dominated by pain and all that comes with fibro .i have found so much support from fellow members here it helps so much. i know its so terribly hard to try to stay strong when theres no hope in sight but please hang in there ,there are people here who genuinly care and understand ,if you ever need a shoulder (al be it an aching one) lol feel free to message me ,big hugs xxxxx


Thank-you all xxx


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