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Im New, but the pain isnt !

Ive been having an awful day. Pain reduced me to the sofa, and exhausted sleep. Walking very difficult du thee to pain. Worst pain in hips, knees, thigh bones, then in a triangle across the shoulders and into the neck. Diagnosed four/ five years ago. phoned emergencey gp, and he put me back on Naproxen, thank goodness, its the only thing that seems to help, but its slightly contra-indicated for me so can only have for short bursts. tried many other drugs, sadly hydro experience wasn't good, and physio was a waste of time. Honestly ! I take alzain 150 mg x 2 per day not sure which gabopentin it is ! that helps with the stiffness a bit but not much with pain. Im struggling to cope in the house. Im a bit depressed, and quite isolated as not many people in my personal life.

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Hi fortysix, I'm glad to meet you. I'm currently on 1200mg gabapentin a day ( 4 tablets a day ). I find it doesn't do anything for the pain but I can make tiny steps when trying to walk rather than shuffling now.

I too struggle with the house work and taking care of my family so perhaps we have a lot in common.

Please don't feel isolated. I know that's easier said than done when you're stuck in the house alone but we are always here. There's always someone to talk to who understands what you're feeling. And plenty of people, including me, to make friends with.

Sending you lots of hugs and hopes we can become buddies xxx

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Hi forty six - what a horrible lot of pain you seem to be having. so sorry and hope its eased today? I am shocked by how much we fibro folk have to cope with on a day to day basis - and if you are feeling isolated it sure makes it worse. Hope you feel up to keeping in contact with Fellabella the kind person who replied first to you. I am here for you too - though I don't struggle so much with the housework - just don't do it unless I have a good day and feel the need!! Just the dog to walk which I do everyday but not so far sometimes. I do meditate which sounds a bit airy fairy but it does stop me feeling so lonely and low sometimes. I know it helps with the general feelings of desperation I get when some of the nasty symptoms kick in. And the warm magnesium baths work well for me - maybe not so good for you? Have you ever tried acupuncture - I haven't and am wondering whether it might help? Still trying to find a way through this weird and not so wonderful illness . Sending you lots of warm and gentle hugs and wishes. annx


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