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Im new to all this

hi im 29 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my rheumotologist in feb 2011 just before she signed me off as her paitent. all i was handed was a booklet explaining the basics of this illness, i have done all my research online as my dr told me that fibromyalgia was just something the drs used when they couldn't explain my pains and other problems. (lovely i know) fms has greatly impacted my life i have limited mobility and constant and servere pain throughout my body. yet what worries me and my main reason for this blog is that every info site and dr/ nurse have told me that fms is not a degenerative illness!!! so i am left confused as i am getting worse and worse on a day to day basis and finding new symtoms, such as light, sound and smell sensitivity sensitive skin to the point of serverely painful to the touch these being the most recent. but most of all im finding that im suffering from serious mood swings i mean i am fine and then i can find myself in a murderous rage for no reason and this i do not understand has anyone suffered like this????

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Hi Sarah

I can totally relate, thats exactly how I was left 5 years ago by my rhemotologist - great isnt it!!!

Every new ailment that I go to my dr about is always put down to fibro, I think they have given up even testing me now!!!

Mood swings - definately, I put mine down to the fact that I am in so much pain and so tired, one minute I can be fairly happy, the next I want to murder.

My fibro too has got worse, obviously some days are slightly better than others. My whole life has changed because of having fibro, do you also suffer from the 'foggy' moments?

gentle hugs xx


hi tinkz

yess the fibro fog is horrible between that and the moods i dont no how my partner and family put up with me lol. and your probably right about the moods at the mo im just not sleepin which is prob makin it all worse as it does.

soft hugs



Hi Sarah, I know how you feel, i have had fibro for almost 3yrs at first my Doctor had no idea what was wrong with me i spent the first 12 month going backwards and forwards seeing differant doctors and specialists, they first diagnosed me with Hemochromatosis, this is caused by too much iron in the blood and has very similar symptoms as fibro, they finally diagnosed me with fibro about 18 months ago but agreed i had actually had fibro for the past 3yrs.

During this time i sufferd with mood swings and depression, i tried veriouse medications to help me with the the pain and the mood swings, i think we have finally found a happy medium of meds that are now helping me. it took along time to sort out the meds as i was told by my GP that some meds will work for some people but not for others, I am sure that you will find lots of help and advise from members of this site I know i have :) as for your partner and family having to put up with you i find the best thing to do is have a bloody good laugh about it, my wife and my parents laugh with me when i stuggle with fibro fog but also help me when i am having a very bad day.

I hope everything i have written hasnt bored you LOL :)

Keep your chin up :)



Hi Sarah,

I think the confusion is that when the medical profession refer to an illness as degenerative they mean it is damaging your body ie: eroding your joints or damaging your organs. FMS doesnt actually cause any physical damage to your body.

How ever that does not mean it cant be PROGRESSIVE, your symptoms can become worse and you can develope more symptoms over time. The important thing to remember is that no actual physical damage is being done to your body( your body just thinks it is) So there is hope that if you find a treatment that works for you your symptoms can improve, which would not be the case if it was degenerative. Hope that helps. Gentle hugs. xx


iam in the same boat mood swings more and more pain and a sensitivity to light and sound ive got 5 kids so it can get very noisy in my house somtimes ithink my eardrums will exsplode with the noise ,my doctor has just done exactly the same , thats why i joined this group and everyone is helping already and i only joined last night



I have had fibro and been diagnosed with it about 15 years ago- I am a Canadian. I basically have lived with it forever- when I was younger it was called 'growing pains' - to my sadness I am only five foot two. But, what helps me during the mood swings, aches and pains is exercise. I do something every day- either walking the dog or go to the gym or do a bit of yoga- if I do not my body gets sore and stiff. I have found that the more I do and at times push myself the better my body feels- it feels like it is wide awake again.

To me fibro is my body going to sleep and forgetting to remember that the cramp only needs to last a day instead of a week- the exercise helps my body to remember that. I think if you try gentle exercise, breathing techniques and simple walks you may feel better. it cannot hurt and you will be outside in the fresh air.


Hi there yes i feel exactly the same i was diagnosed officially we will put it like that July 2011 and same thing handed a pamphlet and again have beeen left confused as it says its not degenerative but like you i have got worse since july and had few more ailments to put on the list so it is hard to believe in such a short time how much has changed, and i worry that it keep going the rate it is how will i be in 5 years??? so can really understand your thinking. you take care and love to you and soft hugs Diddle x


Hi, Im new to this site and I find it GREAT, wish all the friendships shared were for a better reason though. We all agree with each other on all the different aspects of fibro even if all of our symptoms differ, if u know what I mean. I have suffered for yrs, but just diagnosed Nov 2011. My husband is quite understanding and we make a canny couple as he had two strokes six yrs ago, between us we do Laurel and Hardy out of a job, I must say my sense of humour gets me through some awful days, having the compassion of three grown up sons (yeah right) is just the fairy on the tree.


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