Pip not good news

Hi guys,

Just got a letter from dwp saying we've made a discision on your pip but there is no need to contact us as a detailed letter is in the post.

Hmm well now I'm curious so I ring them.

Get the news it's not good, but I don't know how bad until I receive the official letter.

I've already ask for a mandatory reconsideration and plan to back it up with a letter. Obviously they don't know me. Lol I fight to the death when it comes to rights and wrongs.

I'd like to know though how successful are mandatory reconsiderations.

I'll keep you posted, I'm gutted 😢😢


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18 Replies

  • Sorry I haven't ever applied for PIP so can't help out with that but I'm really sorry to hear your bad news hun xxx

  • Hi craigtarot66

    So sorry to hear this ..... not that it helps at all but we hear so often that vulnerable people all over the UK are struggling to get the benefits they deserve. Keep fighting and don't forget you can contact the FMAUK Benefits Adviser if you need help with anything, link below;


    Plus if you need to claim JSA just for a source of income during Mandatory Reconsideration, the 3D's campaign below provide a form you can use to inform the Job Centre of your disability. Therefore, outlining what jobs that are unsuitable for you due to your disability and to hopefully avoid sanctions, please see link below for further information;


    Wishing you well and hope you get awarded the benefits you deserve

    Emma :)

  • Hi, just to let you know. I'm on esa too. Again waiting for an assesment. My only income is 73 per week. So the fight continued, lol I'm used to it. And didn't expect to anything less.

  • Keep fighting and don't give up ! :)

  • How successful are mandatory reconsiderations, thanks

  • I did a mandatory reconsideration for my son's PIP and won enhanced on both sides. The difference was that I asked his consultants to write reports quoting the descriptors clearly stating what he couldn't do, therefore they had not arguments. I believe that people do much better through MR but you might need more to bring to the table i.e. more reports from doctors. Good luck x

  • Hi craigtarot66

    The only information I can find on this is the article below from Disability Rights UK about the recent statistics;


    This suggests that the DWP works towards 80% fail targets .... I really didn't want to make you feel despondent in anyway however, felt I needed to be honest to you.

    Keep going ............ and we are all behind you :) Don't forget to ask the FMAUK Benefits Adviser - Janet for advice ;)

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

  • That's flipping typical. I've read so many posts like yours recently and it's just disgusting.

    Have you read the post tilted ESA and PIP ( may be the other way round lol). It's got a link to a news report on this. You might find it interesting and may help as far as ammo is concerned when you learn how much money is being wasted in an attempt to keep people like us claiming the money we need to survive.

    Hope you do get the decision overturned lovie. Hugs to you xxx

  • Hi, sorry if i'm misreading your post. But why have you asked for a reconsideration if as you say you don't know the outcome yet. If you know it's not good then you must know the outcome !! Sorry I better go back and read your post. It must be a foggy day im having lol xx


  • Hi, they sent me a letter saying that a discision has been made and not to ring.

    I did and it was bad news told on the phone. So now I await the official bad news letter in the post 😐😐🌻

  • I agree - surely you need to know the outcome first. I don't know much about PIP because I have never claimed due to working full time but seems logical you wait for the decision first

  • Make you request a copy of the assessor report immediately too so you know they have said and if you need to request a Mandatory reconsideration. Using the assessor report you will then be able to see the points they gave awarded abd why abd it will be easier to then argue your case with why you think which descriptors abd points are relevant to you. Hope this helps! M x

  • Hi, how successful are mandatory reconsiderations. Do you know it helps. 🌻🌻🌻

  • Don't fret too much my fellow fibro and bureaucrat fighter! I understand that over fifty per cent are successful at Mandatory Reconsideration and then a further fifty per cent at Tribunal stage.

    I personally gear up as if it were a court case. Get as much evidence as you can to support your case. List your Meds and ALL there side effects. List every symptom from the tip of your toes to the top of your head and how it prevents you from doing normal daily activities.

    How restricted your life is and how much you have to rely on friends family and neighbours. I personally got someone else to write this for me due to my incapacity to compose letter and wrist pain in writing. Your getting my drift at this point I hope!

    You can also visit your Doctor to talk about specific symptoms, such as pain in both wrists and in both feet or knees. Some of us have it in all four quadrants of body which is marked higher in their scale. In fact I think we all have that but if you don't put it clearly in writing they will try and ignore it.

    You can also ask for copy of your medical records. I've not done this but think it costs between ten and twenty pounds and is your legal right.

    The name of the game, in my humble opinion, is evidence. The good ones can then make an award easily the bad ones have too because of evidence.

    Good luck P😊

  • Evidence obviously is good but also having a copy of the assessor teport is key as it's about matching the descriptors with your limitations and how your conditions affect your daily life ! Your conditions are not the key. Most people who are asking for a Mandatory reconsideration do do because they believe the assessor has not given them enough points and thus comes from bring matched with the correct descriptors! A high percent of the Sarasota reports do not match the claimants version of the assessment so the key is to show which descriptors you believe you match on how it affects you on a daily basis. The assessor make outright assumptions and lies to make the descriptors fit their report as it is their intention to mark as many down as they can. They change your story to fit the descriptors to make it look like they are right! It is therefore essential to get your report to see exactly what they have said in order to defend yourselves. They hope that you won't ask for MR but if you do generally DWP will agree and therefore a tribunal will be next if you want to do that where a high percentage win! Sometimes it is blatantly obvious and the DWP will disagree with the assessor and award different points at MR. Saying that some are lucky and get a good assessment and get awarded the correct points. M xx

  • I had success with a Mandatory reconsideration for the precursor to PIP which was DLA. They said they had based their decision on the report from my GP and my form. I immediately rang my GP very upset as he was the one a who had told me to a give up work. He had never been asked for a report!

    I had much fun saying I couldn't wait to see them at Tribunal as they would be laughed out of the room by the judge for basing a decision on a fictional document! Within three days I had a letter giving me DLA. Sometimes their errors are as basic as that so check everything they send you word by word. Look at where you got low or no marks on the assessor's report and see whether you provided evidence to the contrary. My husband's ESA assessment was also riddled with inconsistencies eg recording medication incorrectly things that tribunals hate.

    Good luck do let us know how you get on. We are rooting for you.x

  • Hi, i had low rate care and high mobility when I was on Fla, lost everything when it changed to PIP. I've also failed at mandatory consideration so now am appealing, welfare rights are helping. I got 6 points for care(they say brain fog doesn't affect remembering medication) and 4 for mobility. I was finished work due to ill health. I have lupus, fibro, cervical spondylosis, osteoporosis, suspected diverticulitis, and have severe loss of high frequency sounds. I went to my gp in tears so now have appt with mental health team! In the mean time , very little money to live on and as I own my own home, a small pension, i have mortgage, full poll tax, dentist etc to pay for. Hope you have more luck

  • I'm sorry to hear that Jayfer. PIP and DLA are assessed differently I believe on purpose to get as many of it as possible. But As I said in my previous posts it's not the conditions per say it's how the conditions affect your daily life and the points are awarded by meeting the descriptors. Ask for a copy of your assessment this is vital in order to fight back to get what you are entitled to. Then ask for a Mandatory Recobsideration. And point out the descriptors that match how your conditions affect you!!! Good luck don't give up!! M xx

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