PIP Award was given for 2 years but reviewing after 1 year.

Hi has anyone been awarded PIP for 2 years, but been contacted after only receiving the payments for 1 year and been asked to fill the whole massive form out again?

I'm really cheesed off because it took me 8 hours to get the first one filled out, I suffer excruciating pain continually, severe fatigue and memory problems and to top it, I have 2 disabled children, it takes me 4 times as long, to do anything that a normal person does. I am struggling to even look after my basic needs, let alone my 3 children and they want me to fill out a huge form that involves using my brain 😒😒😒 trying to explain things is a nightmare.

I have no idea if I have to send the same back up documents all over again, if I don't, it could mess things up but I don't know where anything is. My house is starting to look like a hoarders house, I've got piles of things everywhere and 5 90litre boxes of various type of paperwork with no order.

I don't know what to do, I'm sooooo not coping 😒

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  • Hi Claire133

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and it sounds like you could do with some help filling in your forms? Your Local ''Citizens Advice Bureau'' should have a benefits section that can help fill in your forms? Or contact Social Services and ascertain if you could get a benefits adviser to help you?

    FMA UK also have a benefits adviser and her name is ''Janet'', I have pasted a link to the contact page below:


    It may help to ring the DWP and ask why you have been asked to fill in the forms again already? I am aware that other people have been through the same as you but it does seem silly when many people as still waiting to be transferred over from DLA to PIP.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Morning Ken, thanks so much for your reply, I will definitely look into speaking with the advisor from FMUK, I think ill give our CAB office a miss because I've tried them before, with a few issues and they never appear to know anything and disappear for ages researching.

    Its Kind of good to know I'm not the only one but really stressful all the same 😒.

    Have a lovely day, Claire

  • Hi don't you have an advice work were you live ?i live in Scotland I also have cancer as well as fibro so the woman that deals with cancer patients filled in my DLA form I was awarded indefinite not that that means anything nowadays when my pip form comes in she will come back out and fill it again ,I really hope you have a advice works were you live ,maybe you should try and c if there is any help out there for you with the children my daughter is 20 she is Down Syndrome and can be hard work if you have 2then that's lot harder good luck take care .

    Linda 😊

  • Claire, Sorry to hear your having a terrible time.I live in the US so our system is ddifferent from what I have learned from the site.I will tell I get disability (we are not given a time frame) but we fill out forms annually not the original LONG for but very detailed. I hope it's just formality.Good luck.☺

  • Hi Pick, thanks for your reply. That's what I'd had in mind, that a renewal would be a less detailed form but the one I've been sent us huge 😒.

    Have a lovely rest of the day 😊

  • I have award for longer than 2 yr but it does say i will be contacted anytime within the year before award ends...did you photo copy your original application? It would help you could refer to that..With regards back up documents I think they have to have a date within last 6 months ? Citizen advice do help a few people who are really struggling with forms, and i am unsure if you realise this too so will say so u have time to prepare etc, u will be called in for a medical assessment again too

    good luck

  • Morning Sandstone. Yes I did photocopy the original application but I need to go hunting around for it, I didn't think I'd be asked to renew 1 year after the award. I get in a real flap with things like this because I have boxes of paperwork and all my old tidyness and organisational skills have gone right out the window 😒.

    Oh my gosh, I didn't know they'd drag me in for another medical, that's terrible news, I've got no one to help me, thanks for letting me know 😨

  • DWP do state they will contact you 12 months before your award finishes. You have to treat it as you did the previous forms and send in all relevant documents regardless of whether you sent them before. Don't assume they will read your previous application. whatever diagnosis info you have, that is relevant to your current conditions , you can refer to. Even older diagnosis can be used if it can be shown it is still relevant to your issues now.

  • Oh dear, poor you. I dreaded the latest forms. I filled them in which took hours, had sleepless nights wondering if I'd put everything down and then had the face to face meeting at home , as I'm not well enough to go to the place they send you to. I was so worried as I rely rely on the blue badge and getting pip helps you get that. Anyway, it all took ages. The lady who came out said that she would ask for 5 Yeats and eventually the brown envelope arrived and it was given for 10 years. I am soooooo relieved. I'm not going to get any better as I've too much damage to my body which is on going. It doesn't make even financial sense to keep on doing the forms when the person is really in a bad way permanently, as it costs a fortune for each application. Of course everyone is different, but in serious cases the minimum surely can be 2 years. Good luck and do keep photo copies. Very best wishes to you xx

  • Morning Jahn, thanks for your reply. It is an awful feeling and i totally agree about them wasting time with doing these forms so often, as well as a waste of their resources and money.

    I'm in similar situation as you, I've had problems and damage for many years, in fact joint and back for over 20 years and all the other problems for around 13 years. The hospital have put me with the Pain Management team and I'm starting the big course with them that includes CBT, OT etc, the course is for people who are never going to get better and will always be in severe pain, it apparently trys to teach us how to deal with/manage the pain and gives coping strategies and how to pace yourselves and accept what has happened to us.

    Really I would think they should give me a much longer award because the only way my pain and difficulties would only get better with a miracle 😒.

    I'll definitely make photocopies and scan them into the computer thus time xx

  • Do go to the pain management course. Don't do any of the little exercises if you know it will make you worse. We don't spring back to it not hurting like a lot of other people and sometimes they don't understand that. I took away the mindfulness part of it . That bit was excellent. I always think of my body invaded by nannites as this illlness is in every part of our bodies. But we have to coincide with them, somehow. Let us know how you get on xxx

  • I definitely will, I'm hoping it will be good and help with dealing with the pain in the emotion sense. Will defo let you know how I get on and will take it easy.

    I know what you mean about not bouncing back, I attempted to go for a walk around 3 weeks ago, wow my legs were like jelly and ripping pain for days afterwards. Its very depressing because I used to be in the gym lifting weights 2 hours per day, then I did an hours spinning class after, and if I was really in the zone, I'd walk 2 and from the gym. I can't believe that I've gone from super strength & fitness, to super agonising pain and unfit 😒

  • Hi Claire133,

    I have also been awarded 2 years and was told by the assessor that there would be a re-assessment after 1 year.

    I have, however, applied for PIP three times over the last 2 years, have been awarded it each time but at increasing rates because of my deterioration and I have never sent any supporting documents with any of my applications. So, it's definitely not a necessity to send supporting documents.

    If I were you I would concentrate on getting the form in itself. Supporting documents can always be requested later, if they do need it all again. My guess it that as long as your condition/s are the same ones as before, they wouldn't need all the evidence again.

    All the best,

    Will πŸ™‚

  • Morning Will. Thanks so much for your reply.

    Reading the reply has made me feel a bit calmer tbh because I was panicking about old evidence.

    I have a Cerebellar tonsillar decent in my brain, as well as very bad muscular skeletal problems and severe pain. The brain thing was identified at a private hospital in 2001 but my GP never knew anything about it because they didn't receive a copy of the letter. I had the old letter s year ago but i have no clue where it is now and that was evidence that I had the pathology 😨.

    Ok I will do the form the same as last time but include the deterioration that has happened since my first application.

    Really appreciate your reply πŸ‘ 😊

  • Hello Claire

    Please could I strongly suggest that you Google for a Disability Advocate in your area? There are charity run organisations across the country whose sole purpose is to help people who are having difficulty filling in their PIP forms.

    If you can find someone who specialises in PIP forms they will help you fill in the forms and with the paperwork that you will need.

    I personally do not think that the CAB are the right people with regard to PIP. Please don't get me wrong, the CAB are absolutely wonderful, but they don't have the time or funding to be able to give people the time they need with their forms.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu xx

    Volunteer Administrator

  • Hiya Clarie sorry to say but I have a brother inlaw that had his overturned by a judge and w awarded his benifits.

    But 3 months later they sent it him again when he asked why the answer was because we can do it any time we like.

    I have heard of this a lot when you only get it awarded for a small amount of time, I got mine for 5 years but wouldn,t be supprised if it's not sooner after all I did lose most of mine last time I,e, car.

    But I hear what you say about CAB because I got told unless I was at the appeal stage they couldn,t help.

    Best of luck.


  • Thank for sharing this Glynis, that's awful to hear about your brother in law. These people really are making us suffer unnecessarily and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why they are chopping and changing the procedures, it seems to be for the sheer heck of it.

    I think ill call the Money Advice Service and ask them to help me πŸ‘

  • Hiya Claire

    Your right I lost most of all my benifits and now the ESA are on to me so don't know what's going to happen yet I have given up I have no more fight in me.

    We even had ATOS at our house over how we were treaded at the assessment button that did no good they all pee in the same pot.

    I lost most of my benifits because I can plan a journey on iPad or lap top, and we had paid our selfs to make life easier and had our bath taken out and a shower put in .

    They didn,t make no bones about it got told that if I had still got a bath in which I needed help with I would still get full pip. Hum made me mad .

    Take your time filling the form in.

    Best of luck.


  • Oh Hun I've been a awarded 2 years but they said I have to refill out forms too, but not until next January good luck Hun xx

  • Aww that's was me too, they said I'd have to redo next January also, but now they getting me to do the forms again 10 months early. I recon they'll take mine away bcoz I've read about so many people not being awarded for FM. I saw the story of the partially blind, amputee who lost all his award the other day, it makes me so sad and angry xx

  • I know I read that too, disgusting, yeah I feel that way too I don't think they will renew mine either especially cause I have given up going to the Drs about fibro I feel they don't listen so I just get on with it best I can hope your ok try not to worry too much Hun.

  • It is a horrible system 😒. I been trying to find time to fill the giant form out and 2 weeks have gone by, I'm getting stressed because it has to be there Thursday, its just so stressful to try and even attempt to fill it out, I've got 3 boys, 2 of which are Autistic and they consume my mind and time, just as FM consumes me. Luckily they've gone to their Dads for a sleep over so I'm going to sit down and attack the form tonight with every bit of energy πŸ˜‚ xx

  • Just take your time, and do it in stages ok, it must be very hard for you and I feel for you, your boys are very lucky to have such a wonderful mum xxx keep strong xx

  • Awe thank you. I will do xx

  • Hi Claire

    Please enlist help in completing the form. So much depends on how you phrase your answers and the use of certain key words ais essential. CAB can provide you with specialised help to give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

    Good luck

  • Hi Yes i was given it 1and a half years ago for 3 years had to post them yesterday its a joke

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