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Hello Fellow Members,

As of the 30th March 2015, there are important changes regarding claiming ESA, which I've posted here;

Further to that this very helpful information mentioned by a fellow member Hedgerow about this Ipswich Advice Leaflet to declare your disabilities when claiming JSA may be of interest to you, link below;

NBCan be now found in ESA Campaign Resource Pack below :)

Using this template you can declare your disabilities, how it affects you & what reasonable adjustments you would need. This was originally written by Ipswich Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) to alert Job Centre Plus of your disability when claiming Jobs Seeker's Allowance (JSA) to try to avoid what appeared to be unfair sanctions put onto disabled people.

Here's the story on the CAB blog regarding The 3 D's Campaign;

Within this blog you can download the ESA Campaign Resource Pack that has other helpful resources about Discrimination, Reasonable Adjustments plus templates you can use. One of which is the Ipswich template to declare your disabilities whether you are disabled and applying for JSA as a period of unemployment or whilst awaiting an ESA Mandatory Reconsideration decision.

Many Thanks to our member Hedgerow who alerted me to the Ipswich URL to the leaflet originally which has meant I have been able to find out more about this helpful form. This declaration I am sure will help many when claiming JSA so I wanted to say how much I appreciated the information.

Big Thanks to Ipswich CAB & Hedgerow! :)

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Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Co-ordinator

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Hi Emma,

I don't often post as I have trouble typing, but I feel I must reply to this post to let you know that reading posts like this is heartening, and it is what makes FibroAction stand out from other similar sites.

The administrators and members of FibroAction always seem to have their fingers on the pulse, and are knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. Also, the members can be sure that only evidence based information will be shared by the Administrators. This particular post doesn't apply to me, but I am aware of many people with disabilities who are affected by cuts. So maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel for them.

Many thanks for a great site.

GJ. 😍


Here here. Well said.


Thank you so much Emma, this information will be invaluable for many members.

Thank you

Ken x x

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I have signed the partition. I have been to tribuneral with my daughter who was living at home. She had learning difficulties and mental health. She was originally given zero points but at tribuneral awarded 27. The stress this new claus causes will deteriorate many peoples health beyond repair.


Thanks for this great post, it's exactly what I need right now. My local CAB offered me absolutely no advice about claiming JSA. Then again it was the same adviser that "helped" me with my ESA appeal.

I noticed that the links on the website were no longer working, so I have tracked down the 3Ds leaflet at and I think that this is the ESA Campaign Resource Pack

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Hi Sastek,

So glad you found it helpful :)

Thank You, for finding the new links - I didn't realise the links weren't working it was so long ago I posted about it , so I'll update them on the original post

Best of Luck with your claim

Emma :)


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