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Hi hope everyone is doing well I saw an article about magnesium saying it was good for your muscles and cramps etc,I wonder if people with fibro have used it and how you got on ? I'm on a tight budget so don't want to spend a tenner for nothing :0) x

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Many people have found that the Magnesium spray has really helped them. It does last quite a long time. It is difficult when you are not a tight budget.x


Yes. I love my magnesium chloride oil. The small bottle i get lasts a very long time. I put a little into the spray bottle then fill the rest with distilled water. I dilute it much more than suggested, so it isn't so irritating.

It works really well at taking the edge off of a tight muscle, it doesn't get rid of the pain completely but it helps.

I use it all the time.

Good luck×

Thanks: 0) x

I'm thinking of getting the easy absorb tablets

I prefer to take small amounts internally, so it doesn't mess with my digestion, and rub in a lot transdermally.

I hope you find something that works well for you.

Take care×

I've found it's helped enormously. Stopped the restless legs and helped me sleep.

I use the spray and also 1 X 500 mg tablet at night . Shop around online for best prices I found Zipvit a good company.

Glad you put this mesg up! I bought some of this last week, it came with foreign wording, so no idea how safe to use it, I sprayed it on a leg muscles unfortunately near an open cut and it has flared and stung! one lesson learned- yes please guy/gals tell us how to use the spray, I did spray it on a sore arch on my foot-that has calmed down so here,s hoping it is worth a tenner.

I got two for one penny with H & B magnesium flakes. Not sure if it really works but it's good for relaxing.

I bathe in magnesium salts for 30 minutes every day to help with severe pain (multipule conditions and on no pharmaceuticals) and over time it definitely helps. I buy 10kg on eBay for £10, lasts me two weeks but could last the month. Also take magnesium supplements and use oil spray, but would recommend the salts first. Definitely worth it for me, hope this helps! X

Thanks for all your replys I don't have a bath just a shower so I will try spray or tablets x

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