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Hi all,

I have recently been diagnosed with FMS, although I have suffered with it for years, but only just found a doctor who listened...I suffered with various symptoms, aching, frequent depression, tiredness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, my periods suddenly got very heavy with no obvious reason, IBS got much worse, RLS suddenly got much worse and I finally got a dr who put it all together.

2 years ago I was really bad to the point where I couldn't walk and began really pestering the drs...which was something I hadn't done in the past.

I am determined to control this with as little medication as possible, as I have friends with FMS who are on morphine patches and still in pain...with four young children, this is not an option for me. So diet and light exercise for me as well as amytripteline (spelling ?) to help me sleep and I'm going to try out acupuncture.

At the moment I am in pain with my left jaw and can't work out whether it's a dentist or a dr jaw is swollen and teeth are extremely sensitive but can't see anything wrong with my teeth, definitely not an absess...not sure whether to see if it just wears off like most of my serious pain does after a while or get it checked out, getting a dentist around here is a nightmare!!

anyway, hope you're all as well as can be....x

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hi i was told when i was young and i was single mother of 4, the trouble is that pain you are having is at the moment in your jaw get it checked out by both as it could be an unlined prob there,you just learn to cope with it all, it easier if your kids are older as they do understand and help, having a good gp helps alot, now you been dignosed it will help you as there are many different treatments which help you it just finding the right one for you


Thanks Jahni. Yeah my dr is pretty good and we are in agreement with a lot of thing regarding the fibro and how I want to be treated. Yeah I agree, you do just get on with it, like I said, I've had it for years....since I was kids are good and my husband has his moments and work are pretty understanding too.

Guess I'm one of the lucky ones!

Take care x


Thank you


Thanks for this Lynn, it certainly feels like TMJ, I've had this in the past but it only lasted a couple of days then went again, this time I've had it for 3 weeks, kinda dragging me down a bit now.

Very useful info, thank you.


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