I am 30 years old and I have been in pain for the last 17 years, due to soft tissue cancer in my left leg, before they got rid of it in my leg it spread to my left hip and lower back... I have had my L1 and L2 vertebrae's burned, I've had holes drilled in my left knee, and Cortizone shots all in my left hip... I am at the point where there is nothing can be done for my pain by what social security says... my left hip looks like a jig saw puzzle and my lower back grinds vertebrae to vertebrae.... starting last week my right hip has been hurting to the point where it takes my breath away... I have tried tens units, ice packs, nerves burnt, I was wheelchair bond for over a year... I have been on three front and back pages of medication and not has helped, I've tried cutting my left leg off over 1,000 times with anything I could get my hands on... I hate that I am like this at the age of 30 I can not support my family like this and I have no other options I just have to suffer I do not sleep I eat once or twice a week... I am at my wits end...

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  • I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I'm not sure that I am able to offer anything that will help or provide support. What I can say is that if you need anything I'm here hun, even if its just a rant xxxx

  • Thank you it has been rough trying to keep my head up these days.... I have all this knowledge to do things but I can not physically do them... I've seen a lot and been thro a lot.... I have everyone ask me how can I continue to do all this... I hate just sitting at home listening to my kids complain about they want to go to the park and do this and do that... my wife has to work her butt off to support us and it's not fair to her or the kids that I am like this... I feel like crap everyday knowing I can do so much more in life, I wanted to join the army at 18 but when this happened at 15 I was told I was never gonna walk again... after that everything I wanted to do in life was gone in one day... I walk but not so well and doctors tell me I need a wheelchair or a walker if I want to continue to walk, but what 30 year old would want to use all that... sorry I have no one to talk to about this all my doctors and social security says is that there is nothing that can be done to help beside getting a marijuana card... I'm out of opinions....

  • are you posting from the USA X

  • Yes I am in the US... I had a doctor at children's hospital in Cincinnati Ohio mess up on my leg during surgery, the moment I woke up in recovery, she told me the surgery took 3 hrs instead of 1 and that I was never gonna walk again... 17years later I am here but I am very depressed walking barely and in constant pain 24/7 no matter wad I am doing, I barely get over $500 a month from disability and that doesn't support jack... and y all because I did not have enough in the system to give me more cause I was barely working before I applied disability... i owe social security over $4,000 in over payment that they say is my fault... how in the hell am I supposed to be happy about my life...

  • The reason why I asked was the dope you mentioned ,we can't get that here ,why don't you try that ?? X

  • Well I do not know what to say to that I had official doctor that work for social security tell me that is my only hope to keep my mind off all this pain I go thro... granite I want to find an answer to this pain and find a solution not smoke pot all my life, I want to work I love to work, but I physically can not work 5/8 hr days and not have my leg turn black and blue and my back is bent to where I can't stand up, when I smoke pot I can over come the pain and say screw it and deal with the pain later... witch I have been doing for the last 5 years... I've tried all the Experimental drugs and patchs and water therapy physical therapy been to pain management doctors, been to anger management, I just go crazy sometimes due to this pain.. I'm 30 I should not be in a wheelchair.. but as I was saying people in Ohio and in other states have that card witch I will be getting mine next month... they should of removed the left leg before it spreader to my hip and back but it's too late.. I have three holes in my bone above the left knee due to the doctor hitting it with the laser during surgery...

  • I can totally imagine it must be utterly heartbreaking and I am so sorry that you are going through and feeling that pain. Your wife and your kids love you, they might moan sometimes but they still absolutely love you because you are her husband and their daddy ♥️ I can only imagine what it's like for you but I know that I really struggle sometimes with the things that I can't do and that got taken away from me. I try and focus on the positive things to remind myself that I still do have good things in my life. You never need to apologise for needing to speak to someone; everyone needs someone hun and I'll be here as often or little as you need xxx

  • Thank you

  • Anytime! although time zones really confuse me so you'll have to bear with me xxx

  • Lol ur good thank u so much for listening..

  • Anytime ☺️ do you have a good support system?? Xx

  • Just my wife and kids nothing else and honestly I think she is tried from hearing me talk about it

  • I'm so sorry to hear about that. Do you think that is because she just can't get her head around it? xxx

  • Hello Alwaysore4 it's nice to meet you. let me wish you a very warm welcome to the group.

    I am so sorry to hear how much you have been suffering and are still dealing with at such a very young age {{hugs}}

    You may wish to take a peek at our mother site it is has a wealth of information which you may find helpful. fmauk.org

    I hope we see you around the forum often. The support you will receive from the wonderful members here is always of great benefit. Please feel welcomed xx


  • Thank you... I will check that out

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