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Sorry I have neglected you all. HUGS has anyone realised hello is hell o where i have been these past few months I made a grave mistake. trying to ignore what is going on and rejoining life fully. Will I paid a massive price for it, It has taken me ages to get back to any normal feeling of peace. now i realise we are who we are. I found this peom on line no author..........and thought it was good in forgiving ourselves when we over do things .............be happy :D xxx it is who we are xxxxx

Just The Way I Am

Doing time for no known crime

Has been difficult for me

It’s hard to live with chronic pain

That others cannot see

The thief that robbed my body

Stole my strength and left me pain

I do my very best to cope

I struggle to stay sane

I miss our get-togethers

I miss shopping at the mall

It hurts me to be left behind

It’s not my choice at all

I long for how it used to be

When I could join right in

To do the fun and simple things

With family and friends

You seldom call or visit

You’re tired of it, I guess

Of always asking, “Come along”

And never hearing, “Yes”

I ache to be with all of you

I wish I could explain

How doing ‘normal’ things in life

Can cause me so much pain

I’m trapped inside this body

With pain that has no end

I grieve for all the things I’ve lost

I’d like them back again

When I decline to join you

Please try to understand

It’s not that I don’t want to

It’s just the way I am

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Oh better add now why we say hello lol

It is often said that "Hello" was invented by Thomas Edison as way of greeting a caller on the telephone, invented around 1876. However, the Oxford English Dictionary records the first, verifiable use of the word in print to the US Telegraph (a periodical) in 1827. The word is thought to derive from an Old German word used to hail someone from a distance. It is also used in English to greet someone.



Hiya Morwenna... lovely to hear from you...sorry you had to learn the hard way...it is so easy to forget and lapse into "old ways". what a fantastic poem, it really describes my life in a "nutshell"! :) xxx:)


ahhhhhhh so good to hear from you also, yep afraid we all have to prioritise. I got myself to a good point and like you said bombed around like a lunatic anf forgot to spoons lol well it was a good lesson for me lmao :D will be careful now hope all is well with you too xxxx


Hi if don't think we have met but welcome back ,I can identify why you took a step out side the box, I try quietly to rebel every day ,I have played hooky big time this weekend my daughter had uni friends to stay ,and one took my daughter to one side and said why is your mum fussing and doing so much, I thought she was ill , so she explained ,how I wanted to give her a normal weekend and I am paying for it know ,I met up with someone in town on sat at local shop just by chance ( male ) he blushes every time he see me ,which is lovely we chat he tells me what he up to, sees the stick and looks concerned I explain briefly play everything down ,my daughter see me talking to him ,and yes I like him ,but and here's the but I have a condition that is never going to go away ,how can I encourage such a nice person to become not a partner or whatever he would end up being a carer. Like you there are days I really hate being me ,so I always try to find the positives ,welcome back on a more positive note had a lot of fun on here this weekend being a nerd or geek with Mr DAVROS and Mr Badger I have to say I think the girls on site one hands down :d it all started with a count down to dr who if you want to join in the fun next bank holiday your very welcome :)

Christina x


That describes how I feel. Lovely poem and rings so true x


Hi Morwenna

I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering recently and I hope that you feel more like your usual self soon. Thank you so much for sharing this poem with us , it is lovely.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Morwenna,

Not sure if we have met before so "Hello" :)

Sorry you are paying the price for trying to be normal, I think we all do it. The poem is a good one, I must let one of my friends see it then she might understand a little better :)

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Hello Morwenna,

Thank you for sharing that poem, like others have said I can relate to that so much.

Hope today finds you a little better than yesterday.

Blessings Be


hi morwenna not sure if we have met thanks for sharing the poem it is very good we all pay the price for being normal and badly over do things and it takes a while to get over itsending you lavender healing fluffies.lilian


thanks so much for my welcome back :) all yes now monitoring my days again and feel better for it , do and rest at the moment takes longer to do things but i am happier for it xxxxx :))) hope you all have a good day fluffy hugs to all


That poem is so true to life. It made me sad but not in a bad way. Thanks for printing it, and Thanks to whomever the Author may be?!!! :-)x


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