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Nerve Pain

Hi I'm Epiphany, I have been suffering from burning, tingling pain that radiates from legs to my arms and all over my body. This started few months after a procedure. I have attended so many neurologist, pain clinic and rheumatologist. Luckily I was prescribed Sertraline which only help with my anxiety and relieve a bit. This symptoms get worst whenever I traveled to warm climate. The feelings is horrible. Please help!!!

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Hi I suffer with nerve pain. Hot weather affects it. Cold weather to. Even air conditioning in supermarkets. I'm waiting to be seen in the pain clinic. There are a wide range of medications for nerve pain. I'm sensitive to medications so don't tollorate anything much. There should be something out there for you. Someone should be able to help you. Good luck.

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Oh my goodness! That is my problem… I live in Austin Texas and it is probably 115° outside right now and I think we've had 72 days in a row over 100°. Is that why I hurt more? I noticed it more when I went to Montreal and experience sub zero weather. I think people are different because the heat doesn't make my pain worse although it is a pain in the ass here this time of year. Cold on the other hand hurts me bad. I have nerve pains shooting throughout my body 24 hours a day seven days a week and it does not even get better when I lay in bed as I am now

For some reason my pain is worse laying down go figure. I actually put Biofreeze on good parts of my body which is cold but appears warm and it helps distract from the pain The only time I can get a bit comfortable is laid over a pillow on my stomach trying to go to sleep and the only reason I can sleep is I'm on heavy doses of Seroquil

I take very hot showers and heat seems to help me so I think all conditions and all people are individualized you have to find what works for you. I know many people put ice packs on various areas of her body for nerve pain.

I've been on every drug out there and I found none of that deal with nerve pain well. Heavy doses of morphine helps with all the lumbar and thoracic fusions that iPad and spinal cord injury however they do nothing for nerve pain. Gabopentin so no good for me

I'm down to taking Kratom on a legal Herb in Texas though it is Illegal go many places I suspect where you live

Helps with pain but mainly get me so full of energy and focus that I forget it for an hour or two. I would highly recommend it but it's not worth getting thrown in jail if for some reason the country doesn't recognize it's a effing herb

Last, it baffles me how alcohol is damaging is it is it legal everywhere but a harmless herb like Kratom they make it illegal. We all know because it takes away from the pharmaceutical sales

Let me know if you find a drug that works for nerve pain, and it doesn't make me constipated for the rest of my life ha ha. Will someone ever make an effective drug that doesn't affect your bows in a negative way


Thanks DougJl, will keep you posted if I'm recommended a good medication. As of now I'm feeling miserable.


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