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Had my pips assessment I heard some real horror stories and had myself worked up to 💯 so girl came and I have to say a nicer person u would never meet so pleasant and helpful so for me I was so relieved my sister who is a midwife was with me she is my rock the girl just asked me questions if I stubbled she helped me remember what the word was without putting things in my mouth and just got me to do a couple of things she didn't touch me either which I was glad of when she was finished and leaving she rubbed my shoulder and said don't worry all in all a good experience

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  • Thank u will keep u posted x

  • Hi shaz66

    I do think we tend to hear the worse case scenarios rather than the good ones.

    I am very glad that your assessment went well.

    Good luck for a good result.

    Lu xx

  • That's why I put it up to give people a good assessment story rather than the horror stories we get will keep u posted x

  • Good luck

  • Thank u x

  • So pleased for you that you appear to have had a sympathetic assessor. Do hope the results are good please let us know how you get on.x

  • I certainly will x

  • Glad you felt that your assessment went well,makes a change to hear someone had a pleasant experience.

    All the stories I've read about have been horrible. They don't need to be unpleasant ,whatever the outcome.

    So Shaz66 good luck

    Keep us posted

  • Will do aly74

  • I have my pip assessment on Thursday im not looking forward to it as I have been one of the horror stories you speak of I treat nice at first just asked questions then the assessor wanted to examine me he asked me to lay on the bed and raise my legs one at a time then he pulled my legs further up then bent them I was crying in pain but he wasnt finished I had scored 0 points so I went about getting the assessors report on the intention of going to tribunal the report was all lies from beginning to end. I did go to tribunal and won my case I was told the assessor had been fired this was for esa not pip but its the same assessment oh Im now on esa and have been put into the support group. I wish you luck with your pip.

  • So sorry that happened to u the girl didn't touch me and did just a couple of things like squeeze her fingers bend my neck sit and try to touch my toes couldn't do the toe touching x

  • I was to have my pip assessment today but they have phoned and cancelled my appointment it doesnt help i was all ready for them again but now after this i feel all nervous again why do this x

  • Hi Shaz66, can I ask you, would the assessor let your sister speak at all? The asseor said that she had to hear it from me, and told hubby and son they couldn't speak. Even when I was crying couldn't remember things and was in a state,

    I think she was wrong as with fibro we need help or a little prompt to remember

  • I think if you have an Assessor who had knowledge of your main illnesses then that helps.. However to have someone who is plain ignorant is something else. I think also think a hone assessment can be a little less pressurised for the assessors.. When I had my PIP assessment there simply where not enough assessors for the appointments made and this meant myself and another claiment where as such assessed in what was part of their lunch hour. Nit during about anywhere else but in these parts that is common practice.

  • Yes my sister was allowed to speak and was told that by the assessor I sometimes can't remember words so my sis filled in the blanks she also told them how it felt for her to see me struggle so much but yes they can help get ur case across hope that helps twinks x

  • Thanks Shaz66, I mostly answered but she said from the start, they wernt to speak,

    She asked what my main symptom of fibro I said pain all over everythwere and I can't control my temperature then she went on to something else so I didn't get to say about fatigue, foggy head,

  • I will agree with you and all the other positive comments when you get your results back and they are as good as the interview/assessment was. Fingers crossed for you regards Ian

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