Fed up

So far I've had lupus and rheumatoid arthritis ruled out as tests have come back negative but a year and a half down the line I'm still experiencing muscle and joint pain and fatigue. Recently I have also been experiencing excessive sweating around my neck and face. I have Type 2 diabetes and I am hypothyroid so docs think my symptoms are in relation to this but fibro has also been mentioned. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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  • I've just turned 40 so menopause did cross my mind but I'm hoping it's still early for that!

  • Not yet but plan to at next appointment. I'm kind of at the stage where I think my GP thinks I'm making it all up!

  • Hi like SOOX says hypothyroid is similar,some forum members have both! I have sweating issue head and neck soooo embarrassing.m y sweating is fibro related. I also have type two diabetes. Chris

  • Sweating seems to be a symptom for some of us with fibro,especially head and face.I'm back on hrt at the moment just to rule out hot flushes,you have my sympathy,being tired and in pain bad enough without the sweating.

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