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feelng more positive

i've had quite a good day. On Thursdays I have a P.A funded by my direct payments, shes great, really down to earth & boy does she work hard! But today I felt a need to get out of the house, so she drove me to a nearby town

where I proceeded to cheer myself up by spending money I can't afford, on things I don't really need - but it felt good!!!

Also I saw my counsellor for CBT & for the first time, I came away feeling positive, not close to tears, so feel that this could be a breakthrough.

The sun was shining. I didn't burn the dinner OR drop/break anything - so I'm off to bed now just incase my luck changes,

Night all, look after yourselves

Cobweb x

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Its wonderful to hear you've had such a good day, hope you have lots more. x


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