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Have ME/CFS? Write to your local MP about current NICE Guidelines for ME

For those who have already signed ME Association’s petition, there is something else you can do – write to your MP.

'NICE guidelines are badly out of date, and only offer two main treatments: Graded Exercise Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We’ve just heard that NICE, despite being due for a revision this year, are intending not to revise the guidelines after all. This is worrying for all patients who have been harmed by Graded Exercise Therapy.

Right now, the NICE guidelines warn of the risks of rest, but declare Graded Exercise Therapy to be safe. MPs are there to keep the NHS accountable, and warn patients of the potential harms of GET' via The #MEAction Network UK

Write to your MP about the need to review current NICE Guidelines. It takes around 5mins as prewritten for you - please see link below.........


Thanks again to everyone for their support to the ME Community ! :)

Emma :)

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Thanks Emma my friend. I really like the set letter and its layout. I shall do this after I have finished on here. My MP is a shadow minister, so hopefully it may all do some good?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

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Hello Emma, I've happily sent a copy to my M.P Mark Lancaster. I have been lucky enough to have had his help in the past, hopefully he will add his support.

Hope today finds you a little better than yesterday.

Blessings Be


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Hello Emma,

I wanted to let you and everyone else know that I received an email from my MP Mark Lancaster this morning saying that he has contacted NICE about our concerns and the petition by the ME association. He will contact me with feedback once he gets a reply.

I will let you know once I hear from him.

Fingers crossed it helps.

Hoping today finds you a little better today than yesterday.

Blessings Be



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