Please consider helping the ME Community :)

Please consider helping the ME Community :)

Hi fellow members

The ME Association has today launched a national petition that aims to demonstrate to NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) that people with CFS/ME are not happy with the current guideline or the way in which the current review is being conducted.

Please sign if you agree ...... maybe one day when Fibromyalgia have NICE guidelines which we may disagree with and need help to make a change!!

Click link below to sign;

Please consider supporting by adding your name :)

Emma :)

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20 Replies

  • Signed and sent Emma...

  • TY Trikki much appreciated :)

  • Hi Emma, followed link and read details, but there was nowhere to sign petition, has it been changed ?

  • Hi Shazzzy

    The petition it still active as it is been started by a combination of UK Charities including ME Association (MEA) & Action for ME. I did notice however on the comments on MEA that some people on some devices were having difficulty seeing where to sign.

    There should be a read bar and a place to add your name under it ?? Hope you can see it OK. Every name counts - Thank You for your help in advance

    Emma :)

  • Hi Emma, have supported lots of petitions no problem. There is nowhere for me to sign this, I am using a tablet but this has always worked before. Tried approaching site different ways.

  • Confused ..... maybe contact ME Association either by their Facebook page or email

    Sorry I could not be of any further help - I shared on behalf of them :)

  • Does a direct link help for some that have experienced access problems a search for the petition on site has proved an effective work around.

  • Signed it 😊

  • Thanks so much Fallabella

  • You're more than welcome 😊

  • Happily signed!

  • Done

  • Done and dusted! I have also pinned the post my friend for the duration of the petition x :)

  • Please can you sign if you agree that the NICE Guidelines need a major review :)

  • Thanks for this Emma. We need to spread this petition far and wide.

    I've already signed and shared it yesterday, but we need to keep doing so as much as possible.

    Hugs, Margaret. xxx

  • Signed and commented on.

  • We have extended the petition deadline to Friday July 21 at 5pm

  • Thanks Ian, that's what I did ! Anyone else want to sign ?

  • 11,689 signatures so far.......can you help MEA get the numbers up to 15K or more by the 21st July. Please help, share on Facebook or Tweet spread the word.

  • Please continue to spread the word until it closes on Friday 21st so the MEA get as many signatures as possible. Thanks :)

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