A HAPPY NEW YEAR present from US to US

Maybe the moderators (if they decide) could format this as a list in some better way for us all.

Lets make a list of ways we have found to make ourselves feel nice and comfy instead of horrible. Include or add only things that you think others might find useful also. Try not to make each 'way' or nice thing too complicated and not long descriptions. Here are some of mine:

Watch a film, YouTube, or other video that always puts you in a happy and contented mood.

Choose a healthy food or drink you truly enjoy, (maybe a certain fruit, salad or meal or a small amount of chocolate or coffee) Use sparingly as directed for the symptoms of gloom, doom, and other nasties. (WARNING: If you can't resist the temptation to eat too much of it or it leads to other overindulgence, think of a different one.)

Excuse yourself and take 15 minutes to sit or lie in a quiet room (Headphones or a trip to a quiet garden or library corner may be necessary) While there, just let your body BE. You can think about anything that makes you feel gentle and calm.

Listen to your favourite CD or MP3 with your eyes closed and REALLY listen to it for full effect.

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  • light a tea light [safety first] or one of those battery ones [4 for a £1]

    maybe gently close your eyes, and drift.

  • I must look for the battery ones. fire and my fibro fog are not a good combination.

  • I have a footwarmer that is powered by connecting to my computer with a usb cable - I often get really cold feet, so its a haven for my little tootsies

  • Ooooooo I would looovvveeee one of those :-)

  • I'd love one of those too :) xx

  • morning everyone, Ill have to see if I can get one, my present foot warmer (the dog) is not very reliable and keeps wandering off. My way of relaxing is a nice hot bath and a book,not that I read a lot cus I keep nodding off

  • Feed the birds out side and then sit quietly and watch them swoop in for a feeding frenzy!

  • Morning gins I've just done that, fed the 30 doves, put the suet and meal worms, husk free sunflower seeds and kibble peanuts in what is meant to be a dove proof feeder (though they still manage to nick some of it) and them come in, whilst the doves are busy with their big load of food the little birds dash in and gobble away, it's so sweet and as you say very relaxing, but there is a very big crow who comes in and frightens everyone off so I stand guard by the conservatory window if he's about.....not very fond of him !

  • I must admit, I feel happy when I've fed the birds in my garden...I must admit, the poor things may become obese with everything I've put out for them in the past week!! XX

  • When I think about that, I feel a sense of excitement as well as deep calm. Animals make you feel alive and also centred. They just are as they are in the moment. It seems many of us get comfort and pleasure from animals!

  • I watch garden programmes on TV and pretend I am there walking Around

  • This is my third attempt to reply to you, there must be gremlins about or I'm pressing the cancel button .... Lalala. What I was trying to say was that I have two terriers who give me the reason to get up and go, and if it's one of the bad days where bed is he only place, then they stay there with me and don't complain at all. As I live alone, they are my lifeline :-)

    Foggy x

  • I have two cockatiels that I enjoy talking to and a turtle that follows me around particularly at dinner time. I would be lost without my pets!

  • There is something rather serene about that. I love to see if I can name all the different types of birds that come to feed :)

  • I think we all seem to have the liking for birds in common, I use to love a bath but can no longer get in or out of a bath, and unable to get down or up, so I now have a shower downstairs, but I do like to lie on the bed listening to the sounds of nature ie bird songs the rain the sound of the ocean...and I can see all the little birds out side my window on the feeders, blue tits coal tits, sparrows pair of robins greenfinch, pair of chaffinches and of course the greedy starlings, it's lovely, but then I love the garden the bright flowers ect, and am happy when I can potter about out there albeit very slow going now...hugs to all....Dee xxx

  • Great idea mine is little nibbles and treats resting warm bath oh and can't live without my heat pad candles on massage or reiki when I can go out massage has to be really gentle aromatherapy gentle meditation just chilling with magazines or a book if I can hold it up. Not all of these on the same day ps talking to myself helps heehee I'm good at being my own life coach. None of that nasty excercise for me lol xx

  • You all have so many great ideas! It's really nice to get some more good ones that I haven't thought of. I also talk to myself. When I feel really down and upset and that nobody understands, I talk lovingly and kindly to myself like a therapist taught me to do. It really helps. If you can't work out how to do that at first, think what you would say to your child or other loved one if they were feeling like you are feeling.. how would you comfort them and let them know you care. I love it when I remember to do it. It makes all the difference in the world. Too bad I can't reach all the way around me to give myself a hug.

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