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i had my pip home assesment 6 weeks ago not heard anything yet it was with capita the lady i saw said you will hear in 6 weeks so stressed and worried dont know if i should call them .my health problems vertigo overactive thyroid eating phobia gastronamy peg in my stomach to help me eat and drink perifual neuropathy in my feet ,tennis elbow fibromyalgia osteophorisis overactive bladder calcified tendanopathy in shoulders and arms osteoarthritus acute anxiety cataracts bad cramps in legs .should be getting an electric wheelchair very soon my husband is my full time carer ,

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  • 6 weeks to them could mean when its picked up by the next person for processing, give it til Friday morning and if you don't hear I would fone so that you can get peace of mind.

  • Hi mason

    As it has been 6 weeks I see no reason why you cannot call the DWP and ask them when you can expect to hear from them.

    You calling them will not change whatever decision has been made so please don't worry that calling them will change anything.

    Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • hi blue mermaid i phoned the dwp on monday they said they had a backlog then i got a letter on tuesday saying they had all the information and reports we need about your condition and how this affects you for your claim to pip paymentwere sorry its taken longer then expected to give you a decision on your claim but we will contact you as soon as we have made a decision this was sent on the 26th of july still not heard that was 10 days ago i had my home assesment on the 16th of june .very stressed .i have heard some people get a decision soon after they get a text or letter.

  • I had mine 3 weeks ago, and am up and down thinking surely I will be entitled.

    It's plain to see them I think I've no chance when I see people on the news people with ms getting their cars taken away from them because they drive their children around the corner saying they can plan a journey, why on earth do they call it personal independence payments if you can't take your kids to school in the mobility car. It seems you definitely deserve help with every aspect of your care I wish you good luck, and hope you hear from DWP soon and have positive news. xx

  • Hi GillyGangGong, I also want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome :)

  • Thank you Ken, I appreciate that. 🎈

  • Hi mason

    It would not hurt to ring them and enquire about any decision? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • hi ken i rang the dwp yesterday and they said they have a backlog so it may be some time i hope not the stress is getting to me but thank you take care ,

  • Good luck :)

  • thank you ken can i ask how do i lock my posts i cant find how to do this thank you .

  • Hi my friend, I have pasted below the instructions that BlueMermaid3 wrote in a post about it. if you have any problems doing it please let me know:

    To lock a post when you've finished writing it scroll down to the bottom of the box you are typing in and you'll see two options:

    o Everyone o Only followers in my community (Hidden post)

    If you click on the "Only followers in my community option", this will then lock your post. Once a post has been locked all replies to that post are automatically locked too.

    If you want to lock a post that you have already put up onto the forum, find your post and again scroll to the bottom of the box. You'll see a small downward arrow (v). Click on that and you will get an Edit option. Click on edit and then select the option "Only followers in my community (Hidden post)!"

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