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pip decision

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Hi all

I received my PIP decision on Thursday and all the person gave me was 2 points for washing and dressing .

Im upset and angry. I had evidence from doctors, partner on how the Fibromyalgia affects me and how my mental health affects me. I’ve suffered with my mental health for 20plus years.

The letter actually states because I can drive and I understood and answered her questions I’m not entitled to PIP.

I feel I’m being penalised for being honest.

Ive written asking for a MR and asked them to look at all the evidence again.

I struggle every day with the pain and I feel like because my mental health isn’t a learning disability they are not interested in helping me.

Sorry for the rant

26 Replies
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Hi. It's not a rant, it's how you feel and I completely understand where you are coming from on this. I got my PIP downgraded recently and I'm furious. There is some really good advice on here about how to appeal/get help. Citizens advice bureau is a good idea too.

Have I given up on mine? I'm not sure. They might as well change their "rules" on mobility and put "unless you are in a wheelchair, don't bother". I'm not sure what I will do yet about this.

For you, I would suggest you get advice for free and then challenge it. You raised a very very good point on how it is affecting your mental health, because it DOES AFFECT OUR MENTAL HEALTH HUGELY. Who does want to feel like this? Chronic fatigue, chronic pain, tired all the time, dropping things, joint pain, feelings of uselessness in my case too.


Go fight them. I will probably do the same. Only got my letter at the end of last week.

Best wishes Golly x

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Jeskin in reply to golly123

Thank you Golly I will fight it and I will get some advice from CAB .

Good luck with your fight too!

All the best

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N1983 in reply to golly123

sorry to hear that. I was exactly the same. I got zero points. I have a mental health condition also that I was diagnosed with 23 years ago but I was penalised for understanding the questions and answering well. They also penalised me for being able to drive even though at times I’m in agony as I also have inflammation in my spine. Anyway I did the MR and again zero points. Finally took them to tribunal and magically I was awarded 18 points and now get PIP. Keep fighting them. I know it’s such a stress and I was furious when I received my rejection letter and really upset but it’s worth it to keep fighting them. Good luck

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Keep going! They certainly don’t make it easy for us, don’t let them make you give up! keep going! 🌟💗 big hugs and loads of love to you xx

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Jeskin in reply to Mrs16

Thank you x

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E8L8dh in reply to Jeskin

I would suggest either take copies or photo’s of the form before returning it. That way if you have to go to appeal you have proof and it can be compared with the reason the DWP give for decision. Good luck

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Hi not good to hear is becomeing common Do try get help as you said

They are a nasty lot and have to be really prepared for them looks like you did too

Try get help as you said

welfare rights are good as well

2 points is common nowadays wot you got

best step would be if you get assistance 4 points

if you had that written from your evidence argue that point

The metal health points and procedures go over that with cab or welfare rights mental health do get discriminated

As fibromyalgia in my view

they did call fibromyalgia

Fibro my ar_e

and mud sticks

Another point to think about that lots even advisers mis

Is (majority of time)

If you cannot do any criteria once a day yes once a day that counts as unable to do it for the whole day

and counts towards majority of time for that day and the months etc

If applys or in future

Mental health

if you cannot leave house

4 days a week

That means

you cannot undertake any journey

10 points mobility for mobility standard rate

And unable to walk 200 metres 4 points gets you enhanced rates

Hope the cab or advisers can help you sorrry to hear

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Alanna012 in reply to Ajay575

I said I could not leave the house for weeks at a time, and was refused mobility. The report came back saying I was 'able to get out most days'.

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Jeskin in reply to Alanna012

I did feel like they were calling me a liar , but not actually saying it! None of us want to suffer with this condition. I think unless the assessor actually has Fibromyalgia themselves then they have no idea about the condition and how it affects us.

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Ajay575 in reply to Alanna012

Thats terrible

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Take a look at my previous post and the PIP guides that are available via the links. The FMA UK Benefits Advisor can also send you a Benefits and Work Guide on how to. challenge a disability assessor's report and the points awarded. healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

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Hi sorry it’s so upsetting… take it further you have too.

My husband has both feet amputated half foot ! He basically can’t walk very far with out extreme pain.

His first pip was turned down we were furious took it further and they were so sorry.

Pls take it all the way xx

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Hi, Had an assessor completely fabricate / fake a report , assessment had not taken place owing to assessor stating that I could not use the recording equipment that I took with me , so a fresh assessment was booked , was waiting for a fresh appointment only to find my PIP and chunk of my ESA had been taken away , then find she had completely faked a full report giving me zero points ! , Capita admitted in my complaint that my recording equipment was acceptable , managed to get my appeal to court in six months and was successful getting back my benefits , however nearly lost my home in the heat of the Pandemic and had bailiffs on my back etc , tried suing Capita self represented but a judge totally took sides and ignored all the evidence and shamelessly or sham lessly ! protected Capita .

What is the name of the assessor ?, we need to name and shame these people , they are medically qualified and therefore do owe the public a duty of care despite what the scumbags at Capita argue, would advise trying to get a solicitor as this is Maladministration / professional misconduct and has most likely added to both your mental and physical problems .

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hi jeskin I feel you frustration I have twice had to go to tribunal, I had pages of evidence from health professionals, they did not even seemed to have considered these, I would definitely have given up without my Husband's support I just found it was to stressful for me to handle,the reports from assessor. we're definitely not accurate (not true) this was really demoralising. went to CAB, also Disability Solutions we're really helpfull and encouraging to pursue claim, going to tribunal was so stressful for me, but at that point I felt I had to prove I was being truthful and honest about my conditions. the last application I had apply for MR, My hubby wrote them a letter of how my condition affects my(and his) daily living it came back they awarded me PIP basic for 10 years!, I would recommend a friend or family send a letter on your behalf on there observations of how your condition affects you, wishing you the strength to fight for what your entitled to. 🦋💜

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Jeskin in reply to hightree

Thank you, my partner wrote a letter which we sent up with the original forms and evidence from doctors, but it doesn’t seem to have been taken into consideration. In fact a lot of points haven’t been taken into consideration.

I will fight for it although it is a fight that I could do without.

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hightree in reply to Jeskin

stay strong you can/must do this, I had help with my application from DWP employee that was not much help , my assessment said I could communicate without aids, I'm deaf in left ear,hearing Aid in Right ear I can't hear without it, Also said my mood was good even though I broke down in tears, assessment report full of none factual observations, save all paperwork. photocopy everything you send to them take care 🦋💜

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I have had the same and I had a professional to have me fill in the forms with a letter from my doctor and a letter from my specialist. We asked them to look again and they still wouldn’t change their mind . I didn’t have a face to face appointment or a telephone one . We have now put in a letter for it to be taken further. I hope you have better luck then I have x

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Jeskin in reply to Kalamazoo1

Hi , I had a telephone appointment , I really don’t see how they can assess you over the phone.

Good luck , I hope you get it sorted x

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Same happened to me last year. I was upset & felt they disbelieved me & how life limiting my FMS/CFS condition is. Then I felt ‘crushed’ to be honest, when I was turned down again @ MR. I’ve worked all of my teens & adult life, I’ve paid into the NI system & then 35 yrs later I need help so I can reduce my work hours (I’m getting worse so more than like I might have to stop work now). I hope your MR outcome is favourable for you though.

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Jeskin in reply to Dragonfly2020

Thank you. I too have worked since I was 15 and paid my way. Like you say now we need help there’s none forthcoming

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Dragonfly2020 in reply to Jeskin

🤞🙏 that your MR is positive x

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take to the court, this is a variable condition,

due to lack of energy and a way to save energy we often forget, to mention aids use, and ensure write a diary it goes toward how your condition affects you daily,

there are some thicker pens thixotropic that make easier to grip to write if struggle with that, sure do miss the fountain pen, the finger grips are too narrow. can even use thicker handled cutlery. many electric devices to aid you in a task.

toothpaste dispenser to save struggles with the smooth lid!, shower stool, perching seat, higher seats blocks, kettle aid. do you furniture walk and need resting?

these forms are weird there is no right answer, when not feeling well, it's very difficult to include everything.

cab has the questions on website its worth doing a run through.

you can claim again if feel your answers would change. having experienced the horrible system. just be aware they will refer back to the other previous answers now on record.

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Dragonfly2020 in reply to fmlife

thank you 🙏 for your helpful hints above

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Hi. I applied for PIP a while ago and also only received two points. I have a number of health issues and learning disabilities, it made no difference. I had a telephone assessment and felt penalised for being honest!

Again I gave lots of evidence.

It has helped reading through the posts to see the support which we can access and it has pushed me into making another application. This time if I get turned down I will appeal.

I wish you lots of luck!

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Jeskin in reply to Bolognese2022

Good luck x

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HiPlease take it further. I get standard on both. My circumstances changed but it stayed at standard which I know I should be grateful for. Changed again to the point I cannot go out on my own. Was wondering whether to get in touch again or wait for my renewal to come. Good luck, you deserve to receive PIP. I had to take ill health retirement nearly 5 years ago

Please let us know how you get on

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🫂

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