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Hi all it's been a while since I was on here. My symptoms vary day to day and to top it off my plantar fasciitis has came back with tendinitis for company. Have changed my sales advisor job where I was on my feet all day to a part time job wher I am allowed to sit if I need to. However this is killing me everyday on a mixture of 16 tablets and 8 of those are painkillers which are doing nothing, folic acid 5 mg which doctor has prescribed along with amitriptyline and the rest are vitamins d with calcium and vit c and zinc cod liver oil also. I was informed that I may be able to claim PIP but is this classed as a disability if there is no true diagnosis and if it is how do I go about it as I don't know how long I can work for

Thanks in advance for any advise.

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Hi I am sorry you are suffering this way, it can be hard to work when you are feeling so poorly.

Perhaps you you should go back to your GP and ask to try different painkillers or a referral to a Pain Clinic.

You can work and claim PIP to top up the money of reducing your hours if needed, or if you have to stop work altogether. It is not means tested and getting it relies on how your condition affects your daily life.

This is how a disability is categorised according to the government.

If you feel this describes you and your situation, you may find this link useful

Filling the form can be quite taxing and it is important to use the right words to succeed in earning points. I really would advise getting some help and advice, the Citizens Advice Bureau is very good, as is Janet, our Benefits Advisor who you can access through

I wish you luck



Thank you very much will look at all the links x


Hi Pmgc

I am so truly sorry to read of how you are suffering and struggling and it may be worth talking to your doctor about your medication? I can see that bluebell99 has given you a wonderful reply so I will simply and sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you xx

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Re PIP its not awared for having a disability but on how your illness effects your day to day life what help you need .

As others say collect information if you decide to apply

Keep a diary for a week this will give you a good idea of things you are unable to do or need help with .

We often forget how hard some things are as they become part of our daily struggle to get by .

All you have to do is phone the claim line foe PIP

Will need you name address NI Number ,Illness .and bank details .

Takes about a week to send form and normally have about 3 weeks to complete and return to them

Good luck no matter what you do .



Not sure what any of it means as have never looked into any of it to be honest that's why I am asking advise it's all too much to take on board I know it's not a disability based as my mum is on DLA just not sure what this is classed as but the diary is a great idea and I will get onto the phone line thanks for the advise x


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