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Excessive bruising and how long to recover from one?

Hello everyone. I was trying to move a wooden planter nearly 2 weeks ago now. It slipped of the trolley I was trying to be cleaver and move it on and it hit me on the shin. I said "Ouch....................." Or words to that effect and then continued to move said planter! A couple of hours later my leg was throbbing a bit and when I looked I had a lump the size of a goose egg on my leg. I knew it was what is termed a hematoma, but had only seen them on heads, mainly on my children!!!! Anyway the lump was still there 3 days later, with no sign of disappearing so took it to the Dr. "Yes, hematoma. Will turn your leg black & blue. And will take about 2 - 3 weeks to go." Now nearly 2 weeks on, the bruising has come out a bit. Black round my ankle and lower leg, but the lump is still there. Not as big, but as hard. I would have expected it to have gone down by now. I know I have seen other posts on here, where people come out in bruises thay have no idea where from. I have that all the time. Seems the bruises take several days to appear, so have fogotten by then what I have done. But I have never encountered something like this. Has anyone else? And if so did the lump stay hard for longer than you would normally expect? I feel stupid going back to the Dr. for a bruise, but feel it should possible have gone down by now, unless the Fibro has an effect on bruising. Just need some reassurance really. Best wishes Sue x

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Hey suejayjay, gentle hugs.

I too find bruises take much, much, longer to disappear. more than 3 times as long as they should or longer depending on the severity of the knock to my body. And in the past I never used to bruise easy - now the slightest knock is much more painful and I bruise immediately and more like I've been beaten with a metal pole, the bruises are so dark. - Fibro really does have a great deal to answer for!


Carol xx


Well that is reassuring. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I will see what this week does for the extra bit of leg I have develloped!!! Looks really gross, but not too painful in comparison. So will grin and bare it. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. Or are you one of the unfortunates who can't sit out in it? Love Sue.x


Hi Sueyayjay,

I bruise awfully and it sees to take ages to subside, you are not alone!!


Sue x x


Thanks Sue. I will see how it devellops! Have always bruised easily it seems, altho' the bruising doesn't come out for several days. But this was something else. Something else to put down to the Fibro experience it seems. Love to all. X


I would see your GP again, especially as he said it should be gone by around now.

Fibro shouldn't have an effect on bruising (though it will make recovering from any injury slower), so it is worth asking your GP whether you should have blood tests done to check for anything that might be affecting your clotting.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Am going back to GP this week. Will see what he says and if at all connected to Fibro. Best wishes Sue.


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