Back to the future .... 1980s style what do you remember???

Back to the future .... 1980s style what do you remember???

Well having real life I rushed down the corridor to the forum ...late... I flung open the door and it immediately hit something and bounced back in my face... Cautiously I pushed the door open gently and saw ..... Fibrofoggiest not only in human form !!!!! But wearing the biggest pair of shoulder pads I have ever seen , upon being caught foggy immediately transformed into a thick fog ... Still wearing giant shoulder pads ........and the fog was to hide what looked very suspiciously like a deLorian car......

I was immediately transported back to the 80s where I was a teenager and in my early 20s... And I remember wearing shoulder pads and my hair was three times the size of my head......

What can you remember of the 80s were you a child a teenager, an adult, and what did you wear or who did you swoon over.... I do have to admit driving around on a Vespa Scooter and charging all over the country on it before fibro curtailed some of my fun....


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  • i was a teenager in the 80's and i loved it! I remember ra ra skirts, jelly bags and shoes, trying to dress like madonna, being a goth for a bit and a scooter girl. I used to cry looking at George Michael and John Taylor from Duran Duran cos i loved them so much! I remember my first love on Holiday, Drinking castaway and mad dog! Oh V-g, you have started something off now to lie down and dream about George and John and how i ended up with Rick Astley!!!! (hangs head in shame....) xx

  • Rick rolls Charlii ..... Mwahhhaaha

  • I loved the 80slike you teenager early 20s I used to follow aha the group every where with my friends..we watch them theirs in Britain accademy have lunch on stage..go listen to next record at studio...go concerts night after night....I was so lucky..was amazing fun...I loved the music and the crazy clothes and the film' times ever don't remember the 90s just about know where I am now...

  • I was in my mid thirties back then, and busy bringing up three little ones, so that's mostly what I remember, but those crazy shoulder pads and the Big Hair. Wow!

    Princess Diana was the fashion favourite, and one very good thing about her style was the flat ballet pumps. She wore them because she was taller than her husband, but I wore them because they didn't hurt my feet.

    Ah yes - there were Goths, too - I had a brief flirtation with that fashion. Lank black hair, sunken eyes and drab black clothing come easily to most young mothers - it was a very natural look for me at the time!

    Anyway, here we are back in the '80's - and congratulations to Foggiest on your first starring role at the Fantasy Fun Factory. Let the years roll away, and we'll PAA AA RTY! 8-)

    Moffy x

  • Ohh aha I loved take on me and the video I sooo wanted to be that girl.. I am surprised half of us survived the 80s cos of all the hairspray we must have inhaled.. My friend was a new romantic and met her husband when he walked over to her at a bar and asked to borrow her eyeliner... It worked they are still married... :)

  • How romantic! United by eyeliner - sniffs in a sentimental way.

    I have wondered about the effects of inhaling hairspray - it don't half make you koff!

    Maybe we should invent a new medical condition - 'Elnett Lung' - we might get into the British Medical Journal with that one!

    Dr Crippen-Moffy B.L.S. (Bunged Lung Specialist)

  • Thank you I have just spit orange juice over my iPad ... Good job I have a screen protector :D

  • Comes out of her fogginess for a moment to take a bow and exchange thank yous for her first feature in in the fun factory........choas which follows in her wake may erupt at any point. :-)

    Huff huff puff as foggy realises that VG doesn't know her cars very well, it would be a porche 911 that she was hiding behind and yes, the shoulder pads sticking out from the fog are becoming a bit unmanageable so she withdraws to a place where she can change into what she truly wore in the 80's which were the standard Sloane Ranger frilly collared shirt, navy blue skirt, and navy loafers with a snaffle embellishment, pearls and a sweater slung over the shoulders........more of shoulder-pads later after she has paraded for everyone to view her in her late teens.

    That having been done foggy goes off back into her wardrobe to search out some more fashion disasters and memory's that go with them.

  • Well that just sums up my life ,, you go back to the future in a Porsche 911 and I get to go back in a clapped out deLorian that only does 88mph and needs a lightning storm


  • Hahahaha the Porsche was red and very de--luxe in those days..............her mind wanders back to some very happy days

  • What was I wearing in the 80's? Maternity clothes some of the time. And the pads on my shoulders were mainly of the variety that any young mum has to wear to protect herself from the 'outpourings' from her baby!

    It was a great decade for me!

    thanks for the memory


  • Comes out wearing a rather pretty Cacherel dainty blouse with pink and purple flowers on, no shoulder pads (still searching for them). A purple pencil skirt with a slit up the back and heels - about the only time she's ever worn heels as she has such skinny feet most shoes never fitted her and still don't even today. Pops back into her fogginess in search of those elusive shoulder pads

  • I have to own up I had a white jumpsuit.. So on trend back then with electric blue highlights in my glamorous ....Until I fell into the boating lake and my jumpsuit was totally see through :(

  • Laughs uproariously but averts her glance from the now nude VG, is that where you got your fishies from. Now foggy admits that she had a not too dissimilar moment when having had more than one too many Pimms at the Henley Regatta she was flung into the Thames and was highly embarrased because like VG she was wearing the aforementioned Cacherel blouse which became equally see through. Thank goodness the purple skirt meant a toy bit of modesty was retained. Haha

  • Lol so glad it wasn't just me ....,a group of my friends went down to the park to parade in front of a very nice looking bunch of boys we liked.....we pretended to be interested in the ducks and the boats so as not to appear to obvious which was wrecked by me overbalancing and going flying into the lake ... I dripped back home covered by my friends jacket which covered my underwear , and yes it had shoulder pads :(

  • By the mid 80 i had to back chatting teenagers !!!! With a new part of my life just begging ..... See me over there in the corner of the pub on a friday night in a flowred cat suit. Large vodka in hand .. I found rock music and started working in mental health.. Whole new world for me good times in the 80s

  • Very grumpy she was nice in real life he was seeing her for a while...lovely sweet blokes all of them.I'd give anything to go back to 80s off to dream night xx

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