Hi all can I ask is bruising a norm when diagnosed with fibro? I've had fibro long time although only recently diagnosed with it here in UK. On usual meds that everyone else is on it seems. Vitamin d deficiency arthritis in neck fibro...keep seeing horrible bruises on legs even ankle but can't recall banging myself. They just keep seeming to appear...any advice appreciated...:)

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  • i often find bruises do not recall banging myself.

  • Hi e.lana,

    I recently have the same problem, I went to see my GP and she took bloods to check to see If It was the medication or a post viral infection I'd had. lots of us has suffered similar brusing to body parts, but don't take my word for It. Pls go and see your GP, they will advise you correctly.

    Soft hugs :) xxx

  • I bruse very easily.

  • I knocked my leg on a plant pot in the garden the other day and it swelled up like an egg. You'd think I whacked it with a hammer or something hahaha xx On a serious note though you should get it checked out - doesn't sound quite right xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, and it is not something that I have. I would discuss this problem with your GP just to get other conditions ruled out o the equation. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I agree with Ken. Your GP needs to look into this. Maybe it is a vitamin deficiency? I bruise easily too. Usually I find the bruise and have no idea where it came from.But since it doesn't happen all the time, I haven't looked into it any further.

    I hope you can find some relief.

  • Hi yes for me, i get bruses where cant bang myself, like inside thighs, buttocks, calfs, it seems on softtess areas i tend to appear.


  • I have the same problem-I find bruises but don't recall hitting anything. I mentioned it to my GP but she said it could be a side effect of meds but didn't pursue it or do any tests etc.

  • I also agree with the majority that you need to consult your GP. They will take bloods to make sure it's not being caused by some underlying condition. I find bruises in the strangest of places.

    Hope you get your mind put to rest soon

  • I get loads of bruises and also blisters which appear after a bad night of sweats I never ask anything anymore although my consultant reumatoligist confirmed I had fibro my doctor always blames everything on my diabetes.

    By the way are there any other men on this site.

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