Bad day, still awake , feel like a moan. I'm going to ask my doctor for something stronger than the co-cocodomol i have on prescription. The addiction question, well, doc, it's actually like this. " I'm currently addicted to the pain and there is nothing I can do about it so it seems, I just can't seem to come off it like naturally you know, whatever I do at the moment I feel pain, it's causing me to find relief by distracting myself by playing online poker for money , at which I lose and am now addicted to. If only you could give me that tablet that would make me ADDICTED TO PAIN RELIEF, maybe I'd feel so much better I wouldn't have such harmful other habits too.

Why is addiction to pain RELIEF bad yet I'm stuck addicted to pain?

Sleeping tablets too, what are they afraid of , that I'll get ADDICTED TO SLEEP!?

Moan over, good night, hopefully.

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  • Hi minesawhiskey

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of this, and I personally think that it may help to be completely honest with your GP and ask for something stronger for your pain but also ask for a referral for CBT (Cognitive Behavourial Therapy) so you can also address the gambling problems? Quite often looking at, and understanding why we do the things that we do can help us address them? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • So true x

  • Hi minesawhiskey - It's funny - My doc was out on leave (her husband is struggling with some issues), and I asked for refills on my meds. The doctor that was taking her messages renewed everything for me but the pain relief and sleep meds. He decided that I needed to make an appointment with him before he would renew those.

    Now, I had an appointment last October (this was in March), and had one set for February but they moved it to April since my doc was out. Most patients do NOT come in every four months, right? AND since I already had an appointment set, what was his point? I tried to imagine explaining to a new doctor in 15 minutes or less why I am not following the protocol for RD and Sjogrens, and why I thought at the time I was in remission (which I am). It was ridiculous.

    I love some of my medical professionals and all of my friends but my DH (Dear Hubby) are all medical, but I wonder sometimes where their minds are.

    I really hope you get some pain relief and sleep. Nothing works better for healing. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Yes, I find they don't listen to me properly. They explained how my meds now won't cause weight gain but I said their explanation was invalid because what causes my weight gain is not the meds themselves but the fact that the pain causes stress (and pain obviously) and what do I feel like doing to get some pleasure, eat a bar of chocolate. I've explained the same things about me countless times , they always seem to forget what I've said. Paradoxically they express concern and an eagerness to care, lol.

  • Actually, I've found that Prednisone gives me the munchies too. We are on a high fat, low carb diet, but when I do get the munchies the first thing I can think of is eating some carbs... silly huh?

  • I decided to try and combat the munchies by taking anti stress type tablets as that's what makes me want to eat really, currently trying rhodiola root extract, nothing works too well and it gets expensive,

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