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Hi everyone I've just bought a tens machine which I tried the other night ,, while when I was using it the pain wás not so bad but when I stopped for about half an hour pain not bad for a while ,,then the pain came back 100 times worse than it has ever been, could tens make my pain worse I'm a bit scared to use it now,, as anyone else had this or is it just me Suzy X

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  • Hi hun, might seems a daft question, but where are you using the TENS, muscles, joints?? Also if you have it on too long or too high pulsation its all trial and error to get a comfortable plan, don't give up keep trying..

  • Hi, you probably need to give it another go just to ensure it is not coincidence.

    I have a tens machine but cannot get on with it as I find it hugely irritating, even when I try different parts of my body.

    Sorry I can't be more help.


  • I've heard other people say the same thing so have never tried one myself, be interesting to see what others think xx

  • My hubby has had one for years and even before i was diagnosed i found that they are the worst form of torture for me, Even on the lowest setting that i could feel i couldnt stand it.

    Keep trying. hubby loves his but it did take time for him to get used to it.

  • According to the Pain specialist it is best to have it on low on the tapping programme for a longer length of time rather than shorter bursts at a higher setting. If you are in the wrong mode for the situation of your pain it can seem to do more harm than good so do carefully look at the provides charts.

    I call it a "masker" as you concentrate on the new sensation when it is on and it distracts from the normal pain sensation. I find that when you do switch it off for some reason you concentrate on the original pain just as badly. I tend to use it now if I am desperate just as a distraction rather than a cure.

    In fairness some have found them marvellous and others have found their pain has worsened with their use. It is trial and error with these things.x

  • Hi,I have been using a tens machine about 15 yrs at the least and this is how I found it effected/helps me. From day one I have used it on different parts of my body for no less than 30/45 mins. I put it on the low setting for the first 5 or more mins and gradually increase it.

    The next day I know my pain will increase a 100% But I also know the day after It will have reduced my pain considerably. I will not use it again that week until every thing settles down. I liken it to having a massage arrgghh but as they say no pain no gain which is rubbish lol

    But I think no matter what you do you are going to feel pain but using the tens you are in control of how much you pain you can take. When it hurts stop then try it again.

    If like me it could be 48 hrs before you feel the benefit and believe me you only have to breath on me and I hurt lol. I think the tens as been my best none medication help. But it may not be for everyone this is just giving out how it works for me . Good luck.


  • Hi suzey26j

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I use a TENS Machine. As the others have said, some people just do not get on with them. Others need to start at a low setting etc. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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