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to use a tens or not

i have fibro and fused vertibra i occasionally use a tens to help when my back is extreamly bad lol but was told today whilst using my tens that i shouldnt use anything that vibrates as it interferes with the nerve endings and make fibro worse i dont no now if it is good or bad the tens only takes the edge of the pain but that is something that helps but is it making fibro worse will you on ere help and give me your advice


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Hmm tricky one I have tried tens and HATED but I know lots of people on here have said they make a lot of difference and helps greatly for fibro pain, I would think unless your GP rules it out on medical grounds if it helps use it...

Now I just hope someone who does find tens useful will post and help you some more

VG x


thank you x


i use a tens on my lower back pain sometimes when the pain is bad. i have arthrits in my spine it was recomended by pain clinic and they never said it could make fibro worse prehaps you could ask ur dr for advice


I use mine frequently on my back, but have never been told not to use it for fibro. Something new every day, isn't it.


I Love my tens machine (well my mums tens machine) but i dont really use it for fibro pain i use it when my back is in aggony from a prolapsed disc & degenerative discs. but my mum was told by the pain clininc that it helps with all sorts of pain (mum has fibro too) and said you can wear it all day long - Hope this helps :D x




I did a course in tens at work and was told you put the leads

Either side of the top of the neck for fibro

I then had a flare main pain on my left leg, so put the tens

Machine in the place I was told on the course, what rubbish

I thought how can this help the pain in my leg, well it did not

Help at all, so moved it down to the top of my leg .

Spent most of the day getting the pads off my knickers, did

It work well I don't know but it gave me some thing to do all


I came to the conclusion that it was a NHS thing to save money

On medication, would I try it again oh yes anything to keep my

Mine off some of the pain. And maybe next time it will work on

Pain next time and not stick on my knickers.


I started using a tens machine about 13 yrears ago. Tried all different areas and different settings but I never found it helped me at all, but my problems arent just fibro.

On teh plus side, I know someone who has got on with one extremely well and they say they wouldnt be without it.

Its the same as medication, what will work for one person may or may not work with another.

Many Hospital physio departments or pain clinics loan them out. They didnt when I had mine, i had to buy my own which was a waste for me.

Also I think its trial and error where the pads go. I found getting them to stick was the hardest thing as they would come off and i couldnt move to where they needed to go :)

Its always worth giving things a try. they certainly arent harmful, however they do suggest anyone in the first three months of pregnancy, and certain diabetics, not to use them xx


Ok, I have had one for about four months, and what I've learned is that for me it won't work on an inflamed swollen area. It takes the edge off that area while it is in use, but when you turn it off the pain is right back. But if I use it on a muscle pain that is not inflamed, it helps. I am actually using mine as I type this on my forearm, even though my whole arm hurts. But the upper arm is slightly swollen and inflamed and I know it won't work there.

So it depends (for me) on where I use it - if the area is inflamed or just hurting.

And then I still have to adjust the intensity to where it is comfortable, because it hurts if it is turned up too high.


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