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Anaesthetic and fibro

Hi all. This is my first post but would like some advice if anyone can give me it that is.

I have fibro, got diagnosed around 3 plus years ago (not sure of exact time frame as have so many other health issues going on and all diagnosed within the last 10 years). I also have B12 and vit D deficiency, folate deficiency on and off, holmes adues syndrome with left tonic pupil and no deep tendon reflexes at all, allergic rhinitis, arthritis in both knees and left foot, asthma, polymyalgia, dermoid cyst (size of a golf ball) on my right ovary.

The reason im posting is that at some point i have to have the dermoid cyst removed (via keyhole surgery). The last time i see the gynaecologist he said that as long as i could deal with the pain they would like to leave it a bit longer as they have to get it all as if they dont it will grow back and the bigger it is the better chance they have at getting it all. I have not seen my gynaecologist for over 3 years and had not been diagnosed with fibro at that point. I keep putting it off as when i have spoke to several different gps at my surgery and spoken to them about having this operation i have stressed my worry of fibro and anaesthetic and none of them have said "oh its ok you have nothing to worry about anaesthetic is ok with fibro" but instead i get "i know where your coming from and we have no answer for your worries". I have decided that instead of just having the detmoid cyst removed i want them to remove that ovary so that it has no chance of growing back again and i then do not have to go u der the knife again. But i have to talk to the gynaecologist about that.

Has anyone had surgery where they have had general anaesthetic (knocked out totally lol) and how did it go?

Or if anyone can advise on how anaesthetic is with fibro?

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I had gyane surgery in Nov keyhole and also have fibro. They say it takes 1-2 weeks to recover, don't listen it will take longer! I was about 7 weeks to be back to how I was pre-surgery. I found tiredness to be the worst that really hit me hard for weeks. I was in pain due to what they did inside and did get a wound infection that didn't help. I've had three laps, one of them to remove a dermoid cyst in 2014. I would say if you work forewarn them that you will off for 2-4 weeks and plan to go back part-time or light duties. Have someone around after for a few days to help out and rest, rest, rest. The more you push yourself the harder recovery will be. I had to up my dose of amytriptylene from 20mg to 30mg to help me get back on track. I need to have more surgery in a few weeks and I'm not worried about the anaesthetic at all, but everyone is different and your GP is right they can't predict how your body will react. Just plan to take recovery slowly, and rest a lot, consider increasing dosses of meds is applicable and with your GP's backing and you should get back on track albeit slowly. Good luck.


Hello there,

I have fibro and had a general anesthetic a month and a half ago for nearly an hour to have a polyp and endometrium removed. The first question I was asked by the anesthetic when r saw me was what is wrong with you? As I was more in pain for siting almost an hour in the waiting room. I explained to him that's my usual pain... he then said to me don't you worry I will take extra care of you and put other medication through the tubeyes can't remember what it was but sure it sounded like hard drugs. All the patient in the room had polyps removed, they all asked for painkillers as soon as they were awake from the anesthetic. I was the only one not to ask as I felt ok and made me woder what he had given me. Even the nurse when she discharged me at 7pm told me I should be ok till 9pm if I wanted to take painkillers.

I really hope this will help you.

Wish you a nice day.



Hello Sapphirey66 and welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can find help, support, advice and understanding.

For more information about fibro, it's symptoms and effects please have a look at our mother site

I have had some pretty heavy anaesthetics and I know if you inform the anaesthetist about your concerns he will make sure your pain is controlled.

It can upset your system and give you a flare up but if you know that you can be prepared and warn work and family and friends this may happen.

PLease try not to worry as the stress will make your symptoms worse.

Hope it all goes well for you



Hi. I have had major surgery (3+hrs) on my legs. The anaesthetic dr took special care due to my fibromyalgia and other issues. Pain relief was managed very well. It took me a while to recover but I'm not sure if that was down to the fibromyalgia or the nature of the surgery.

I need a keyhole op now and I have no hesitation that I will be well looked after. Good luck.


I think we all react differently, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of not having the surgery xx


Hi Sapphirey66

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have not personally been in this situation but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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