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Progression of fibro

Hi there all hope every one Is doin well

I was diagnosed In may 12 and I didn't no much about fibro, my rheum told me fibro isn't progressive which confused me a bit cause now I no wats wrong I've realised I've had fibro for 10 years and to me it has progressed but now I no when they say its not progressive they mean u don't die from it but the symptoms can get progressively worse with time and ageing, 10 years ago my fibro was just starting but 10 years later I have accumulated more and more pain/symptoms/syndrome along the way. they should explain this to new fibros as I found this very confusing. Thanks take care Michelle

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Hi there

I know they say it isn't progressive but I think everyone will agree as time goes on we seem to have more and more problems, but whether they are all connected to fibro I don't know. Some could be age related or even side affects to the numerous drugs they love to give is. Sadly it is one of those unknown areas of fibro.

Piggie hugs xxxxxx


Other health conditions we have also play a part in our Fibro evolving and changing.


I agree that it's time the doctors told the truth to the new people they diagnose. When I was diagnosed aged just 27 I was told it wouldn't get any worse. Take plenty of exercise and go back to

I tried going back to work and just got sicker.

I decided I'd get myself a little dog to encourage me to exercise. Had I of known that 11/12 years down the line that I'd be barely able to walk at all getting a dog would've been the last thing I'd do.

Looking back I am quite angry that I was lied to because it makes me feel I wasn't worth the truth.

This year I turned 40 so I'm hardly old. I can't say I'm sicker because I'm aging. Yes, I am aging, we're all aging, but at 40 I should be in the prime of my life not considering how much longer I can leave it before purchasing a wheelchair.

I recently did an 18 month stint in volunteering in a charity shop. It was good for my head but since giving up 3 months ago I've been perminantly sick and I wonder now if it was worth it.

Sorry for the rant. I'll get off my soapbox now lol


Thanks for the replays, u dont need to be sorry , every one has to let of steam and we keep the sadness in all the time, it gets really hard but at least we found this site where every one understand wat its like and were the fibro expert not the doc , defo agree docs need to read up on fibro and get up to date details of it, it's bad enough that we don't really understand it but a doc should have more knowledge, I am also 40 this year and the past 2 years I feel I've aged 20 years not with age but cause of fibro, my son and I laugh about it, even he's noticed how slow and tired I am, he says to me last time on tescos mum a 80 year old lady with a Zimmer over took us, that's how slow I really am but we laughed about it, as its all I could do this that or cry which I have did a lot of but not wen my sons about we try and keep it light hearted as I don't want to upset him.take care Michelle


I think fibro is progressive too - I was told it wasn't, but I'm definitely getting worse as time goes on. I suppose it could be part of the ageing process, but I'm only 46 which I don't think is old, but I am getting worse especially my cognitive function, My ability to understand and remember is definitely diminishing. This in turn, makes me depressed!!!! My doctor told me last week (again) that it is all about managing the illness. Whilst I agree with this wholeheartedly, they don't tell you how to managing all the worry that this brings, I'm not sure how long I can go on working and if I finish work, this will just make we worried about finances, It's a vicious circle isn't it.


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