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Costochondritis and Fibro ...anyone else???

I have costo for 10 years and fibro for god knows how long. I diagnosed last December. So ive been told, the Fibro would have come first.

Does anyone else suffer??

Just when i seem to cope with the costo, the fibro flares up and vice versa.

I have costo steroid injections and take gabapentin but at the moment im just not coping and dont know where to turn. Im trying so hard to be positive but its just not that easy. Hope your all having a good day today x

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I have had a long time but only found out through a print off I had to take to the hospital!!! its very painful so do feel for you had it in my breastbone wasn't offered anything but the usual painkillers and get on with it to be honest, hope you feel better soon take plenty of rest, take care Ruby xx


Hi sandiedee,

I have costo too and my ribs kill me all the time. I never get a break from them and i havent found any tablets that help them.

If anybody goes near them i freak out as i cant stand being touched at all.

I have had some good days with fibro lately but today has been a killer. I didnt even wake up withit, it has started this afternoon. I have spasms in my hips which is worse if i sit down and because i have moved about to ease the spasms my whole back seems to have seized up and i am scared that the spasms are going to end up in my back.

This fibro always flares up when i think i have had some good days, its like it is teasing us.

take care, and i hope you start feeling a bit better soon.

kel xxxx


Thank you all. Just needed to see how others cope really and i know this sounds selfish, but just to know im not alone.

The meds are for the fibro (gabapentin) and the steroid cortisone injections for the costo go through my chest wall as day case in hospital.Really unpleasant. So I've been told i will never be free of the costo as i seem to have it very bad....great. Then to start to feel rubbish a year or two after that i thought i was losing my mind! . As im writing this jules58 im sitting with my hot water bottle!

just found this site and already so very glad i have. Thank you !!


No you definatly arent alone here. :)

That sounds awful them injections not sure i would have them, i am a big baby lol.

I dont think my ribs will ever get better neither. :(

Hope you enjoy this site as much as i do.

hugs, kel xxxx


Hiya, sorry to ask but what is costo? anne xx


same lol i have no idea and im too tired to google it :)


i found it annemcc its pain in the chest and ribs i think ,it sounds really painful xx


its costochondritis. Inflammation of the chest/ rib cage. Feels like someone has sat on your chest and you struggle to breathe. When it first happened, they thought i was having a heart 28! most people it goes within a few months with rest and tablets but mine is still here 10 years on! aren't i the lucky one


Hi i have pains in my chest and ribs but have mentioned it tothe doctor but she has never said i have coto but sonds like another thing i can add onto my list lol love to you and hope yu feel little better with it soon love diddle x


I have had fibro since I was ten years old and am now nearly 48 ,I also suffer from costo and painful fatty tissue lumps also on my rib age


Hi ther I have costochondritis & fibro. For the costo i take indometacin strong anti inflamatory tablets 2 a day & the usual concoction of meds for fibro.

Was diagnosed with costochondritis in oct was described as the tendons joining the breastbone being in flammed. This was making my breathing quite shallow as the pain is severe, got told to rest not bend over and practicaly toldto do nothing for at least 2 weeks, there after take it easy till things calmed down.

I hope you feel better soon and that it eases for you, take care and take it easy. It is a great site for help & support....very soft


thank you all....little more positive today. I work in a hospital and cried all over the rheumatology nurse yesterday and i they gave me a steroid injection to calm the inflammation down...its taken the edge of a bit. hope your all having a good day :-)


Hello all I've never herd of costochondritis ???? But I sure know the pain you are describing !! I can't believe its another thing wrong with me ??? I have fibro drs are saying they think I have cfs/me also ! Plus a slipped disc , torn cartlidge in my knee and now this costochondritis thingy ???? Help I'm confused ??? All these long words !!!!!


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