Please help, need a quick fix for flare up

Hi I have white knuckled the pain and nerve tingling for over a year as hated all the side effects of various medications. Today is a big big flare up and need a quick fix to dampen it down. My feet feel like they are constantly being stabbed with sharp knives which is taking my breath away and my shoulders have such a weird nerve tingling pain that it is making me feel sick like nails down a board feeling. Hips and legs feel like the tissue is being cut off the bones - Is there something I can take to get me through the next few hours? :(

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  • Hi poppyflowergirl

    There are a couple of things you can try, but it will mean a trip to a chemist.

    I am experiencing unbelievable shoulder and back pain the last few days.

    I use the Deep Freeze patches and gels. Because the pain I get is a deep burning pain, I find that the Deep Freeze products do take the edge off slightly.

    I am guessing you have tried a long warm shower or bath?

    Wheat bags and hot water bottles can help.

    Have you tried soaking your feet in a bowl of very warm water?

    I am really sorry if some of these are down right obvious, but sometimes when the pain is very bad we can't think straight.

    The only other thing I can come up with is to rest if you are able to? Tuck yourself up warm and put your feet up.

    I am sorry you are struggling so much today.

    (I gather you have tried CoCodamol and/or Ibuprofen?)

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • I see Lu has given you good advice poppyflowergirl The only other thing that I could suggest is making an emergency telephone appointment with a duty doctor at your surgery and ask for stronger painkillers. I know you said you don't take them but sometimes "needs must".

    There are so many of us feeling more pain than usual at the moment, hope it passes soon.

  • Have you tried warm Epsom salts baths? I find them really good when the pain is so bad, then wrap up and keep warm, I think it's the cold weather that is getting to us all, take care

  • Thanks everyone for the replies. Seen the GP and given me naproxen, hopefully will work

  • Hi again

    That is good news. Be a little aware though that you must take them with or after food. Even though you may not feel hungry, just a couple of dry biscuits will help as you may get a bit of indigestion otherwise.


  • Yes felt as sick as a dog last night, just two hours sleep :(

  • I,ve always been very sick when I,'ve overloaded myself with pain relief in the past. After many hours My head would be in agony from stretching so much,that's y i,'ve gone A&E

  • With a flair up so bad you should go A&E for an I.V infusion of pain relief, just because we suffer day by day doesn,t mean we are exempt from emergency care when we need it!

  • Do you really think that they would do that? I think they would just say take some co cod mol? has this really happened for anyone?

  • I,'ve done it 3 times in 15 years when conventional analgesia had n.t worked.I have always been made welcome and told I.'ve done the right thing to rule out anything else.

  • Thats really interesting to know, never thought they would. Good to know thank you

  • Tonight after having no sleep last night, I am going for no pain killers so I do not feel sick but just a large drink of a certain brand in the hope that this will relax me enough to get some sleep........thanks for the replies x

  • I did wonder if that might be the case that's why I suggested biscuits.

    I am thinking though that your doctor may have given you these without a prescription for stomach lining tablets like Lansoprazole. All Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) have the disadvantage of irritating the stomach but this can be controlled by taking PPIs' (Proton Pump Inhibitors).

    Google these to find out more.

    If this is indeed the case you need to inform your doctor, either a telephone appointment or via the receptionist, who will then leave a prescription for you. Do not take any more until you have your PPI prescription.

    I wish you a better night tonight.


  • Thanks Kay, I will talk to them tomorrow. She actually said they are fine on the tummy but also read what you said on the internet. My usual GP has just retired so losing confidence in the rest!

  • I hope you have found some relief.

    When my muscles become unbearable I slowly start stretching them out and rub them with diluted magnesium chloride oil. Ingest ginger, (warm water soak a ginger knuckle for several minutes then squeeze in a little lemon as it is cleansing and helps with flavor.) Increasing my vegetable and fruit intake, nutrients. This helps me.

    The main website has great advice on starting a stretching regimen. It saying that if you do not stretch currently to start very slowly. To hold the stretch for 3 second 10x. Totaling 30 seconds per stretch.

    If you do stretch then I would also add gentle injury prevention exercises. They help you strengthen the right muscles to help prevent future injuries.

    Good luck ×

  • Hi poppyflowergirl

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you are feeling better now? I can see that you have been given some wonderful advice and replies so I will simply and sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thanks everyone. I had a panic attack last night, not had one for months and month. I guess my anxiety levels must be really high - so I wonder does a flare up bring on anxiety or does anxiety bring on a flare up ...........chicken and egg I guess.

  • Not sure if one brings the other. Though my anxiety and depression seem to already be there when I have a flare.

    I try to meditate, and be grateful for my life which helps keep my depression and anxiety controllable. And listening to my body has really helped me figure out what actually helps my body.

    I do feel our emotional and mental state can dramatically effect our physical state. I believe and have experienced how different my body can feel just by changing my state of mind.

    Good luck. I know I have been doing my trial and error for years now and finally feel like I have some what figured myself out. I should have listened better earlier, my emotions used to drown out my body, if that makes sense.

    Anyways, starting to ramble.

    :) Have a great day. ××

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