Muscle attacks !!

Does anyone else get problems with walking and your muscles feel like they are having a fight with each other which last about 10 seconds then stop. I have this down my legs when I walk at the moment in different places my pain in never the same one day to the next. I do lots of Pilate exercises everyday to keep my muscles strong so I know it's not the shock of not using them much. My back and hips are on fire most the time as it is without this.

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  • Yep get the exact same thing, been walking round supermarket leaning on trolley trying to stretch muscles cos of cramping, seems to happen when it feels like it and wherever on the body. My forearms are bad for this aswell, do yours?

  • Yes. I get it underneath running from my elbow and into my hands too. Thanks for replying x

  • Hi there pickled cookie, my muscles keep going in to spasms also burning, but then so do the muscles in my arms and sometimes in my body not a very nice complaint is it, gentle hugs Deex

  • Thanks for the gentle hugs. I do get them in my arms but it's in my legs and hips the most which stop me from being mobile. Thank you for answering me x

  • These spasms are most unpleasant, and there seems to be no real remedy for them. One thing you might try in this hot, sultry weather is to drink more and to take some rehydration sachets.

    It won't do any harm, and might take the edge off the burning and cramping pains. Dehydration on its own will make yo u feel pretty rough - it's not something you want on top of fibro!

    Moffy x

  • Thanks for replying I will give the extra water a go. What is a dehydration sachet?

  • Hi Cookie,

    It's a REhydration sachet that you need!

    Boots sell them, they have their own brand or there are some called 'Dioralyte'. They are primarily for treating dehydration caused by gasrto-enteritis, but are very useful during hot weather when excess perspiration causes you to lose both water and body salts. I find that they help tremendously with leg cramps and the exhaustion caused by hot weather

    They are quite harmless, so you can take three of four daily until you feel better.

    Moffy x

  • Hi moffy would it apply although I'm drinking water constantly all day long I think I must drink around 3-4 pints a day I have a special bottle that I carry around & keep filling up with filtered tap water, also I get the muscles spasm in winter too. So do you think I would still need to drink the dioralyte ? Dee x

  • Hi Cookie,

    I can't say for sure if it would help, but 3-4 pints of water daily isn't a lot in this hot weather - you could double that without doing any harm. The Dioralyte replaces salt which you may have lost through sweating and that may help with the cramps. I can't promise, but it's cheap, harmless and worth a try! :)

    Moffy x

  • Ok thanx moffy will get them a try, and I'm oing to measure exactly how much water I do drink, cos I seem to be always drinking, in fact I will have water as apposed to any other drink, and u could be right about the salt cos every now n thn I have. Strong fancy for salted crisps, and I don't eat those rot of foods normally, ut once I have had two or three crisps I don't want any more I think I just hanker for the salt without realising, thanx

    And gentl hugs to you Dee x

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